culture-luxury adventure travel destinations- Micro Mags Concept

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Micro Magazines as a marketing - publishing and multimedia strategy for tourism and travel marketing - example Adventure Travel linked here. example see


  • 1. January 2011 ADVENTURE TRAVELDESTINATIONS what is adventure travel WWW.ADVENTURE-TRAVEL-DESTINATIONS.COM what-is-adventure-travelPlease Click Here >>>Micro Mags is an experiment in multimedia, and cross media publishing and promotion.This is a Micro Magazine. It is a publishing With this concept communications can betechnique to encapsulate a travel website in a target and layered into multiply views withbrochure or in several brochures target to varying depth, from the mirco blog to complexsubtopics and issues.technical detail.The Brochures are printed and distributed at Adventure Travel is a diverse and richtrade shows and as sales and marketing handsubject. It is best treated as separate articles,outs. They are also published as a PDF or online referenced in a micro mag that provides amagazine.general overview. [1]

2. If you feel Adventure ,it is Adventure NATURE STYLEwebsite and theWe have moved thisgreater universe of thearticle because it wassubject.was not correctlynamed. The newOn this page (left) isMagazine Article is an example of thepublished using the Cross index andname What is outward links thatAdventure Travel.provide detail to thesubject.The new AdventureMag, links to AXSES is using thisResources on Culturetechnique to promoteand luxury Adventureindividual hotels,Travel, Outdoor tourism suppliers andAdventure with Styledestination.and to other aspect ofAdventure Travel. TheMicro Mag becomes See What is Adventurerather like the readers Please Click Here >>>digest of the it is not less to marvel atnature than toNature Adventures climb aFamily Adventures mountain Outdoors AdventuresLuxury AdventuresCulinary AdventuresSpiritual Adventures--------------------------My Cultural AdventureCreative InsightsMy AdventureOutdoors in Style [2] 3. First AXSES MicroMag What is Adventure Travel Click Here >>> HOTELS, TOURISM OPERATORS & DESTINATIONS Advertise your Brand and Special PackagesAdvertisingPowered by arcResCase Study - Adventure Travel MarketingPublishingMy Adventure:Cultural Adventure:Outdoors in StyleCreative InsightsADVENTURE TRAVELDESTINATIONS MARKETING AXSES TOURISM MARKETING & PUBLISHING PO Box 16B, Baslen House Kingston Terrace Bridgetown, St. Michaels, BB11090 Barbados, West Indies Tel 246 429 2653 |