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  • 1. Montego Bay , Jamaica
    Anthony, Clarke

2. Table of contents
Travel route .
History .
Travel ticket .
Hotel .
Activities .
Itinerary .
Geography .
Culture .
Conclusion .
3. Introduction
I am going to Montego Bay, Jamaica, it is a very beautiful Place and Im going to enjoy Every minute of it. I will be enjoying attractions in this fun and sunny country.
4. Travel route
Montego Bay
5. History
Montego bay is the second city in Jamaica
Columbus is the first European visitor (1494)
The Spanish were the first to settle in Montego Bay
It was called "Bahia de Mantega"
Montego bay was never invaded
Montego Bay was in poor shape back then
6. Travel ticket
7. Riu Montego Bay, Jamaica
128 dollars per night
All accommodations
Full American breakfast buffet and on the spot cooking stations
Continental breakfast/snack
Hot and cold buffet and on the spot cooking stations
Pizzas, pasta, salads and assorted desserts
Jerk (traditional Jamaican barbecue) station (six times a week
8. Activities
ATV off road adventure to to sandy bay =82.99
Zip line tour=44.99
Bobsledding tour =65.99
Negrilsunset tour=43.99
Black river safari=86.99
9. Itinerary
10. Geography Of Jamaica
Land area=10,991 km2
Currency=Jamaican dollars
Latitude/Longitude=18 15 77 30 W
GDP per Capita=$8,400
11. Culture
Jamaica is a rich and diverse culture blend
Jamaicas motto is Out of Many, One People
Many other cultures have left their mark in Jamaica
The Official language of Jamaica is english
The street language is called patois
12. Conclusion
I had a great time in Jamaica seeing all the sights,
Meeting all the people, eating the food and having a great time.
I certainly will be coming back to Jamaica because I had a wild time!