Cambodia Tours- Something Different Experience in Cambodia

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An adventure lover always seeks something different to explore in his life. Cambodia offers something different for every visitor that plans a visit to Cambodia. Read more to know something different Cambodia tours that you may consider on your visit to Cambodia.

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Cambodia Tours- Something Different Experience in Cambodia

Kingdom of Cambodia located at the southern portion of Indochina, is the most exciting place for amazing touring experience. With great historical Angkorian eras and the great Indochinese evolution have created enthusiasm among many vacationers to spend great holidays in Cambodia.

When we talk about Cambodia Tours, the most emasculating feeling comes in our mind is about the vividness of cultural beauty and great architectural wonders along with the heart throbbing natural landscapes. None other than Cambodia is the place for your holidaying experiences. With the great collection of touring itineraries, Cambodia vacations are the superfine choice customized for you when you try for something different. Here are some of the amazing options for you if you are planning for a honeymoon trip, and adventurous trip or for some extraordinary holidays in Cambodia:

Cycling Angkor

An adventure lover always seeks something different to explore in his life. Keeping this in mind, Cambodia tours are jeweled with the Cycling tour to Angkor temple while crossing through exciting routes and paths. This is a one day trip where you can explore all the important temples of Angkor and watch the countryside beauty and rural lives. Cycling to the temples is a great way to wave into the small tracks to appreciate the emasculating temples and buildings like The Bayon, the centerpiece of the ancient city, Royal Enclosure, Phimesnskas, the Terrace of Elephants and Terrace of Leper Kings, Ta Prohm Temple, the Western Baray, a former Royal Pond and the famous Angkor Wat. Get acquainted with the historical attractions with the thrills of cycling.

UNESCO Sites Uncovered

An enthusiastic explorer can find everything which he/she want to discover in Cambodia by visiting the famous UNESCO sites across Indochina. While roaming around this amazing site one can find the peaceful UNESCO town of Luang Prabang, the sparkling golden temples, the world heritage Halong Bay and the ancient UNESCO monuments of Hue. Along with that you will also explore UNESCO temples of Angkor, Army museum and the UNESCO fishing village of Hoi An. By visiting these amazing UNESCO sites, you will be relaxed to get wonderful knowledge about these sites and can also take a unique trip to the Pac Ou caves which are filled with influencing Buddha images. On the way to visit Ban Xang Hai, you can also learn about the traditional process of making local sticky alcohol called Lao Lao.

Stay in a Monastery

A spiritual and religious tourist can get soothed feeling and immense pacification by visiting in the Angkor Wat monastery. This is something very rare and calm feeling that by accommodating yourself in the beautiful monastery you can get relieved from the regular stresses of life and relax yourself. You can meet the resident monks and learn about the Buddhist philosophy and monastic life which is truly a spiritual and peaceful experience.

Therefore, whether you are an adventure lover, a spiritual lover or a hunger of knowledge and exploration, you can find your choice of trip which can add special pleasure to your Cambodia vacations. Pick the best one for yourself for an amazing Cambodia Tour at