Business Owners' Top Ten Tips for a Truly Relaxing Business Vacation

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If you own a business, discover how to combine business with relaxation so your next vacation is a legitimately tax-deductible business trip. Tips from Marcia Yudkin, creator of the course, TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ON THE ROAD. Find out about the course at


1. Business Owners Top Ten Tips for a Truly Relaxing Business Vacation 2. by Marcia Yudkin 3. 1. Own a business? Heres how to enjoy time away from home so you can unwind, with just enough business activities scheduled to make your trip tax-deductible. 4. 2. Meet IRS rules for deductibility by having a legitimate business reason why your presence is required at your vacation destination, but with the bulk of each day spent relaxing or sightseeing. 5. 3. Dont take incoming calls on your cellphone during your business vacation. Let them go to voice mail and return the calls once a day (if necessary). 6. 4. The same for email: Check it no more than once or twice a day. Remember that even if an emergency arises back at the office, you can still deal with it on that timetable. 7. 5. Forget about trying to write blog posts, newsletters, Facebook updates or sales pitches while you are away. These require too much mental effort and interfere with unwinding. 8. 6. At your destination (or along the road, if its a road trip), do at least one unplanned activity a day. Spontaneously pick a town, shopping area or nature spot to explore. 9. 7. Have a flexible daily spending budget so if you overspend one day you can spend less another day and not stress out. 10. 8. Unless photography is an energizing hobby for you, dont feel the need to capture a shot of every amazing moment. Collect experiences or stories instead. 11. 9. Try to pay for everything by debit or credit card, so you can easily categorize and total up your expenses for the trip. 12. 10. Days spent traveling to and from a business destination are tax deductible, and youre allowed to drive there slowly, with a reasonable number of stops along the way. 13. Consult your tax advisor on anything related to taxes, of course! 14. Intrigued by the idea of a taxdeductible business trip? 15. Check out my Udemy course, Take Your Business on the Road, with $10 off from this link: 16. Happy business travels! 17. Marcia Yudkin @marciasmantras