Bruce Acacio Share 20 Travel Experiences that will make you want to travel forever

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Text of Bruce Acacio Share 20 Travel Experiences that will make you want to travel forever

1. Reasons Why YouShould Travel Now 20flickr nickharris1 2. #1 Because...He who does not travel doesnot know the value of men - Arabic proverbflickr shashchatter 3. #2 Because... you could experience the thrillof a white knuckle ride in a rickshawflickr tawheedmanzoor 4. #3 Because you could experience the joy ofgetting lost in the backstreets without a mapflickr mario-mancuso 5. #4 Because you might discover a noodle shopnot in the guidebookflickr jaaronfarr 6. #5 Because you will experience being rightthere in the middle, interacting, feelingflickr streetwrk 7. #6 Because you will no longer being a passiveconsumer watching from the mario-mancuso 8. #7 Because you will discover the importanceof feeling strong not being strongflickr josefgrunig 9. #8 Because you might just meet the world onits own terms, without Christian Senger 10. #9 Because you might learn how to seepeople for who they are not what they areflickr skamelone 11. #10 Because you will learn how to seebeyond differences in nation, language tir_na_nog 12. #11 Because you might connect with astrangerflickr reborg 13. #12 Because you will discover the joy oftaking the the long way roundflickr imke.stahlmann 14. #13 Because you will see the world with theeyes of a childflickr eelssej_ 15. #14 Because you will rediscover your sensesflickr mjl555 16. #15 Because you will discover beauty is allaround youflickr bichxa 17. #15 Because you might just experience themiracle of everyday lifeflickr bet27 18. #16 Because you will discover the joy of livinga whole day barefootflickr benmciver 19. #17 Because you will discover what it meansto go seek a great perhapsflickr jfixie 20. #18 Because you will collect moments notthingsflickr urbanicsgroup 21. #19 Because you will escape the grayness ofcommutesflickr tony3 22. #20 Because you will discover your time islimited and that every moment countsflickr uaeincredible 23. flickr streetwrkSo.... what are you waiting for? 24. flickr geirarneSome day? 25. flickr kayugeeJust go 26. You were born with wings - why crawlthrough life? - Rumiflickr eschipul 27. In 2012, I soldeverything andtraveled theworldClick the link tofind out how youcan