Andaman tour packages capital city at Port Blair

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Andaman Tour Packages

Andaman Tour Packages are usually planned by the newlyweds or groups who are looking for a longer trip say about five or six days. The trend has been so but that is not completely true even Andaman Tour Packages can be made for two or a three day trip also. There are many online agencies and web portals that take care of such packages. This beautiful group of islands is located in the Bay of Bengal towards the eastern side of the country. India is blessed to have such beautiful possession. These islands are a true beauty and that can only be realized once one visit there and immerses themselves in the white sands. These islands have their capital city at Port Blair which is again a travelers paradise. Along with the scenic beauty of the beaches this place is also historically important. It is widely known that during our independence struggle the Britishers used to send the freedom fighters to these islands. They were locked up the Cellular Jail and were treated inhumanly.