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DESCRIPTION Andaman is a fascinating destination to visit in India. It is home to a large number of temples of which one particular temple is really famous. Andaman in India is quite a historic destination. It is characterized by vast scenic beauty and a secular culture. Consequently it serves as a famous destination for visitors from different regions of the world. Andaman receives tourists at all times of the year. The normal visiting season for tourists is between December and March.


  • 1. Andaman Nicobar Islands Tourism SpotsAndaman is a fascinating destination to visit in India. It is home to a large number of temples of whichone particular temple is really famous. Andaman in India is quite a historic destination. It ischaracterized by vast scenic beauty and a secular culture. Consequently it serves as a famousdestination for visitors from different regions of the world. Andaman receives tourists at all times of theyear. The normal visiting season for tourists is between December and March. This is during the time,when the climate in the region is really good. Andaman in India is a very holy destination. Travelers tothis destination are therefore expected to adhere to many norms and customs during their residenceover here. Wearing western clothes is something that is best not done when residing at Andaman inIndia. It is primarily a temple town and residents as well as visitors are expected to obey certain rules.This might seem quite rigid at first but when tourists visit the city of Port Blair they get easily integratedinto the local culture. Andaman is quite a secular destination and opens its to tourists of all castes andcreeds. Accessing Andaman is not at all difficult. There are plenty of buses and trams operating in thecity, and can be used for the purpose of navigation from one place to another. There are also roadwaysand railways that make it easy for tourists to get to the city of Port Blair from neighboring regions. Themost important city from which tourists come to the city of Port Blair is the city of Delhi which is thecapital of India. Other important cities from which tourists generally travel to this destination areBangalore, Mumbai and the city of Kolkata, which is in the eastern region of IndiaAndaman Nicobar Islands Tourism SpotsThe most appropriate time to visit Andaman and Nicobar islands is during the summer season. This isbecause the weather at this point in time is absolutely perfect. The beaches of the Andaman andNicobar Islands are much visited during this point in time. The beaches become sites for desirableactivities like fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving. One can also go parasailing when visiting theAndaman and Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean. The summer months are the best when thisdestination is really hot. The summer season which starts from April and May and lasts up till July is thetime when the weather in the beachside is truly good. This is an ideal time as there is no snowfall andrainfall at this point is also something that is quite minimal. It is true that Andaman in the monsoon timeis also something that is quite splendid to witness. The rainfall which occurs during this time renders thisdestination an absolutely magical quality. However, walking around in the monsoon season normallyproves to be very difficult for the travelers over here. There is a lot of slosh all around and one can falland injure oneself when walking around in the beachside destination during the monsoon season. Thesummer months are also the time when one can engage in a variety of gastronomic delights in the city,with the local restaurants serving some of their best fare to travelers at this point and is therefore goodfor Andaman and Nicobar islands tourism.Attractions in Andaman and NicobarMosques

2. Andaman is home to a predominantly Muslim population. As a result one can come across a largenumber of mosques in the city when setting out to know about Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Themosques in the city are mostly located in the main city area. To enter the mosques one does not have topay anything at all. However taking pictures inside the mosques is something that is strictly prohibited.The mosques in the city of Srinagar reflect a beautiful culture and concept of brotherhood. Prayers areoffered at three times of the day. Tourists can be present at these sessions. The mosques are quite largewith most of them having been constructed in the Islamic rule itself. In order to reach the mosques inthe city one can make use of the rental car services. One can also utilize the local transportation optionsin order to access the mosques in the city of Port Blair. The mosques in the Indian city of Port Blairreflect a typical architectural style. It is the type of architectural style that can be found when witnessingthe mosques in the province of Middle East. The interiors of the mosques are quite plain and do notcomprise of ornate work of any kind. The exteriors of the mosques are however quite lavish. Themosques are particularly beautiful to witness during the festival of Id in the city. This is the time whenthe mosques in the city look really colorful and bright and are worth exploring on the part of tourists.Pagan TemplesThere are a large number of temples which are worth viewing on the part of travelers in the Indian stateof Andaman. The temples are good places to visit in Andaman and are situated in a very high altitude.One can travel up to the temples located in the different parts of the state on horseback. One can alsouse rental cars in order to get to these religious destinations in a comfortable manner. The rental carservices in the state are moderately priced and there are special rental services which one can presentof in order to travel to the different temples in Andaman. The temples in the state generally startreceiving visitors from the early hours of the morning. Visitors are requested to enter the templeswearing clean clothes and also to take their shoes off prior to entering the temples. The temples aresites where tourists offer prayers to the gods. This is usually done during the evening when a prayerservice occurs. The temples in the state of Andaman feature highly intricate artwork. Most of thesetemples are quite old and date back several centuries. The majority of the temples in the state ofAndaman were constructed by the monarchs who ruled in province between the thirteenth and thesixteenth centuries. One can also come across a Buddhist influence on the temples in the Indian state ofAndaman. Tourists can take as many pictures as they wish to when they visit the temples over here asthere is absolutely no restriction on photography. Entry to the temples is also entirely free.Parks and Gardens in Port BlairThere are different parks and gardens that can be explored when one visits the city of Port Blair inAndaman. The parks and gardens in the city are exceptionally well maintained are a popular attractionfor tourists. The parks and gardens can be accessed at any time of the day, without paying any money.The parks in the city serve as a perfect destination where one can relax and unwind. They are filled withtourists throughout the year and are generally places where people engage in relaxing activities likeplaying sports. Photography is permitted in the parks in the city of Port Blair. The perfect season duringwhich one can visit the parks is in the summer time. In the winter season it is far too cold to travel to theparks in Port Blair. The public gardens in Port Blair are places which have an abundance of the most 3. exquisite kind of flora and fauna. Here one can witness trees and flowers that are unique to only thenorthern part of India. The gardens in the city of Port Blair are open at all times of the day and serve asan excellent destination where one can escape to in order to break away from the hustle and bustle ofdaily life. The gardens are large and spacious and are good places where children can engage in pleasureactivities of their choice.Research CentersThere are two well known research centers which you can go and visit during the course of your visit inthe Indian city of Port Blair. These research centers mainly work towards reconstructing the ancient andmedieval history of the province. The research centers are financed by some well known universities inChennai and receive scholars from different parts of the world, during different times of the year. Theresearch centers in the city of Port Blair are located in two large buildings situated in the main city area.Working hours are from ten in the morning to six in the evening. If you have queries in your mindregarding the history and culture of the city of Port Blair and the neighboring areas then you can visitthese research centers in order to get your queries resolved. There are experts here who can answer allyour questions in the best manner possible. Of the two research centers that are located in the city ofPort Blair one is dedicated to researching on only the art and architecture of the province. Paintings andother art works are dissected and analyzed at this research center. If you are passionate about ancientIndian art then you can visit this place in order to know about the unique art and architecture of theAndaman region. You can also pick up artistic souvenirs for loved ones back home when you visit thisresearch center. The souvenirs are quite cheaply priced and generally comprise of note pads and keychains.Botanical GardensWhen you visit the beachside city of Port Blair in India you should certainly make it a point to visit thebotanical gardens. This is a massive area spread over quite a few kilometers and is a major touristdestination in Port Blair and the Andaman. The Botanical Gardens are located in the main city area andcan be reached quite easily using the rental car services that are available in the city. The drivers of therental cars are quite familiar with this destination and will be able to take travelers there in a mannerthat is easy and convenient. The Botanical Gardens remain open from 10:00 in the morning until 6:00 inthe evening. One can come across different varieties of roses, daffodils and other kinds of wild flowerswhen one visits this destination. Photography is allowed and tourists can go ahead and take as manypictures as they would like. One of course needs to purchase tickets in order to be able to enter theBotanical Gardens. Tickets are available at the counter at the entrance and do not tend to cost morethan fifty INR. The best time to visit the Botanical Gardens in Andaman is in the summer season. This isbecause there are certain species of flowers which tend to grow only during the summer time. Whilethis place can also most certainly be explored in the monsoon season it is simply not as enjoyable as it isin the summer.Hindu Temple 4. The Hindu Temple is another very well known temple in the city of Port Blair in India. The Hindu templeis located close to the main Pagan Temples and receives an equal number of devotes all around theyear. Tourists and pilgrims can also partake of live prayer offerings over here as they can at the Pagantemple. The Hindu Temple is very old, and is a structure that was constructed several hundred yearsago. Entry to this temple is quite rigid and one will have to wear fresh clothes if one at all wishes toenter this temple. Entering this temple wearing clothes that are not fresh is considered to be a sin. TheHindu Temple opens at six in the morning. Hymns can be heard being performed at this temple at thishour. The hymns here are generally performed by the clergy though sometimes local people may also beseen performing hymns over here. The Temple is not too difficult to access and this can be done on foot.The walk up to the temple is however quite steep and those who are not too sure about their hikingskills should avoid making a journey to this temple. The Hindu temple closes at about ten in the night.Photography is permitted inside this temple just as it is in the Pagan Temples. Offerings to the gods canhowever be made only during the evening time.IslandsThe city of Port Blair in is home to some of the largest islands in the world. These are best viewed duringthe winter season and can be witnessed during the summer season as well. There are excursionsorganized during holidays to these islands. Tourists who are interested in witnessing the islands can signup for these excursions. The excursions are not highly priced and can be afforded by all. It is importantfor travelers to take a number of precautions when undertaking excursions to the islands in Port Blair.First of all one should gather as many cool clothes as possible as it gets frightfully hot near the Islandseven during the season of Winter One should also carry Vaseline and other lubricants in order to keepones skin from suffering damage in excess rainwater. Wearing the right shoes is also an importantconsideration for travelers to make when visiting the islands in the city of Port Blair. The islandexcursions generally include a trip by car to the island regions. Tourists are taken in groups a fewkilometers close to the islands from where they can take photographs of these magnificent geographicalformations. Professional swimmers accompany travelers during these excursions to avert disasters inthe case of accidents.Lake SideWhen touring Andaman in India you should certainly pay a trip to the lake in order to have a delightfulholiday experience in a scenic destination. The lake is an important landmark for the city. The lake is anartificial lake and was constructed many years ago by the state authorities. The lake services as afavored destination for tourists looking to have a good time and unwind in the lap of nature. The easiestway to travel to the lake is to take a cab. There are of course bus services in the town that can takeinterested passengers to the lake. The lake in Port Blair is quite massive and it could take an entire dayin order to explore the length and the breadth of the lake. One can of course take boat rides across thislake which is known to be a most fun experience for tourists. The boat rides are not too expensive. Aone hour ride over the lake costs about a hundred INR. The boats which take tourists out into the lakeare operated by skilled professionals who are capable of averting a disaster if it occurs. The ideal timewhen tourists should take a boat ride over this lake is the early morning hours . This is the time when 5. the venue is truly tranquil. There are also many beautiful areas surrounding the lake which tourists cango and explore by foot.Rose ParkRose Park is a nature park in the city of Port Blair. The park is a massive one and can take several hoursto navigate and explore. The Rose Park is a place that is stunningly similar to the botanical gardens. It issituated right in the heart of the city and can be easily accessed using the bus services in the town. TheSimms Park is famous for its birds. There is a substantive monkey population over here. The birds can bewitnessed engaging in playful behavior all over the park. The park is also home to some of the mostbeautiful varieties of trees and plants. Tourists can also be witnessed sitting around in corners at thepark and talking to one another. The walkways inside the park are quite steep. In order to be able tonavigate along this park successfully one has to wear the right kind of shoes. Wearing t...