Adventure tours in bhutan – creating travel experiences of a life time

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1. Looking to enjoy hiking, biking and other adventurous activities in the most fascinating mountain kingdom of Bhutan? Adventure tours in Bhutan give you the chance to have a life-time experience as you go into deep valleys and isolated mountains around this wonderful kingdom. From challenging treks and mountain expedition to bike riding tours, the Bhutan adventure tours have everything that can create an unforgettable trip in your life. Wedged in the Eastern Himalayas region between China and India, this mystical kingdom is referred to as the last Shangri-La for its scenic beauty, friendly culture and dynamic forest cover. Spiritually and culturally, Bhutan is an extremely rich nation where a combination of traditional Bhutanese culture and Buddhist outlook works to balance economic condition. Here, you can get a feel of the concept of gross national happiness (GNH) instead of Gross National Product which is implanted in the national goal for highlighting the countrys humane side. 2. Bhutan, also called as Druk Yul or Land of the Druk had a conservative approach to travel and tourism earlier but it has started welcoming tourists with open hands from the outside world. Adventure lovers like you can use this opportunity to explore everything including natural treasures, ancient monasteries, temples, challenging peaks and much more in this mysterious tourist destination which is nearly half the size of the state of Indiana, on custom adventure tours in Bhutan. You can book these tours online for indulging in mountain hiking, biking, sightseeing, visiting Buddhist monasteries and more. You are more likely to get a touch of mystic bliss while interacting with natives who are greatly inspired by Buddhist philosophy in every area of their lives, from ethics, culture and the social values to the atmosphere. They strongly believe in protecting nature and paying more than they have consumed on the planet and the culture than they have practiced. 3. Throughout your adventure tours in Bhutan, you will get to delve into the Bhutanese culture, history and religious practices of the kingdom, visit the remote villages and see the local people living happily in their traditionally designed pastoral communities. You will receive a warm welcome and enjoy great hospitality whenever taking time from your adventurous activities to visit different Buddhist gompas and dzongs around awesome structures built in the medieval age but now serving as the secular and religious causes. From the vivacious capital city of Thimphu and Paro, Trongsa, Punakha, Jakar Valleys to the snow capped peaks of Himalayas; your adventure tours in Bhutan can cover all that and will satisfy your quest for adventure as well as beauty. When it is the question of deriving maximum excitement in a Bhutan tour, an adventure specialized holiday maker should be selected. There are many such adventure tour specialists working in the Eastern Himalayan region so that you can have an optimal experience. Check out adventure tours in Bhutan by Bhutan Men-Lha Adventures if you want to have the most personalized service with assurance of lots of enjoyment and excitement. 4. BHUTAN MEN-LHA ADVENTURES POST No.: 1377 Thimphu, Bhutan Tel No.: 00 975- 2 32-1555/321-559 Fax No.: 00 975 -2 33-1730 HP.: 00 975 -1761-2552 E-mail us at: