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1. The photogenic Santorini is the best ambassador of the islands. Music 2. The Cyclades Islands are the most famous of the Greek Islands 3. Of volcanic origin. Nothing surprises upon arrival. 4. The capital of Santorini is situated on the cliffs of a sunken volcano. 5. 600 steps from the harbor to the town. Either on foot, or by donkey. 6. Thera, the capital build around the cliff in the shape of a crescent moon. 7. The cliffs have served for picturesque constructions. 8. The white houses pile in the slope. 9. There different religions live together for over 3,000 years. 10. Sala de espectculos (para divertirte) 11. Casino (para desplumarte) 12. The water that surrounds the island adopts its colors, from blue to red, from green to emerald, and from brown to black, depending on the hour of the day. 13. Its port, SKALA, has received Phoenicians, Dorians, Byzantines and Romans. 14. In one of the tips of the crescent moon is the town of OIA. 15. OIA is one of the best places to get a tan in the Aegean. 16. The best view of the caldera.. 17. The nicest terraces of Greece.. 18. The whitest little houses.. 19. The strongest contrasts... 20. The most complicated constructions .. 21. The most relaxing views... 22. No more comments... Better to see by yourselves. 23. Music & Annimation C.M.Prez E N D