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  2. 2. A City in United Arab Emirates DUBAI
  3. 3. A City in United Arab Emirates DUBAI AREA POPULATION TIMEZONE CLIMATE 1588.4 Sq.M 2,262,000 GST Humid
  4. 4. Whats So Great About This City? Burj Khalifa? Dubai Shopping Festival? Well here are 6 more reasons why you should visit Dubai for your next holiday.
  5. 5. SKI DUBAI Yes! You can ski in Dubai. Imagine, 22,500 square metres of snow-clad area, with indoor mountains and slopes. Isnt that awesome? There are other attractions as well, like 3000 square metre big snow park and the best of all Penguins! Do we need to say more? #1
  6. 6. IFLY DUBAI Want to experience the thrill of sky diving without the parachute and the risks? Then this is the place of you! iFly Dubai provides you a simulated skydiving experience in an indoor environment. Pure thrill, isnt it? #2
  7. 7. THE WORLD ISLANDS How about a larger than life replica of the world map! The world islands is an artifical archipelago of over 300 islands which resemble the shape of the world map.The aeriel view of this archipelago is worth dying for! Have a look at this man- made wonder and marvel at the amazing engineering which has made this possible! #3
  8. 8. THE MIRACLE GARDEN With over 45 million flowers, The Miracle Garden is the worlds largest natural flower garden. And the best part is, these floral displays are changed each season, so the visitors will have a different experience everytime they visit. So, if someone tells you that Dubai is all about desert and camels, you know what to do! #4
  9. 9. FERRARI THEME PARK This is a must visit for an adrenaline lover and a Ferrari fan. Not only this is the largest indoor theme park in the world, but also, it is the first and only Ferrari-branded theme park in the world. If you are visiting with your family, no problem. This amusement park has a plethora of rides from roller coasters to go-karting, which can cater to everyone in your family. #5
  10. 10. WILDLIFE SAFARI How can a trip to Dubai be complete without a camel ride? Book the Heritage Falconry and Wildlife Safari, the moment you land in Dubai. Experience the ancient tradition of Falconry, go wildlife spotting a vintage Land Rover and also, get a chance to ride the ship of the desert the Camel. #6
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