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  • 3 Top Things To Do In Golden Triangle Tour Packages

    Chand Baori Step Straight down A-maze-ing World

    Abhaneri, a very small village near Jaipur, covers one of the best kept

    secrets of India, the 100 feet deep step-well named Chand Baori. The 9th

    century spectacle hosts a web of 3, 500 properly symmetric steps built

    over 13 stories and is among the most shocking stride wells in the locale.

    The inimitable carvings rule the construction together with the near by

    temple of Harshat Mata, the goddess of delight and happiness. Dont

    neglect this masterpiece or else you would regret later. The truth is

    Abhaneri is one of the main offbeat places to visit on your Golden

    triangular trail.

    Travel Tip: The place is approximately 95 kilometres from Jaipur and a

    convenient stopover on Jaipur-Agra Road (NH 11). If you are going on

    the Golden Triangle visit all alone, keep in mind that your driver might

  • guide you that there is nothing in Abhaneri or that it must be very far.

    Resist such advices and do not miss a visit to Abhaneri.

    Elephant Farm Exactly where Elephants Are Your host

    Conveniently avoid the populated tourist spots and set up for some

    enjoyment with superb tuskers at this elephant ranch in Jaipur. Get up

    close and personal with Rajasthans royal symbol as you get in touch

    with them in elephant language, feed and shower them and learn the

    fascinating art of elephant painting. To remember the thrilling elephant

    ride the royal style in or without saddles. Definitely justifies the top rank

    in the bucketlist of Jaipur interesting things to do! Riding an elephant in

    a tourist destination is one thing, being with an elephant in a farm is

    quite another. Do that and you wont feel dissapointed the experience .

    Travel Tip: The activity costs INR 5, 100 per head. The farm opens from

    03:00 p.m. to 08:00 p.m. each day.

    Hot Air Ballooning Heritage move inside the Sky

    The experience of exploring fairy story forts and palaces of Jaipur in a

    hot air balloon is obviously among the most unusual things to do in

    Jaipur. Watch in ecstasy as a massive multi-coloured balloon usese a

    course over the chronicled monuments to the similarly enchanting desert

    regions, lakes and hills. No longer be surprised if your eyes forget to

    blink, but dont forget holding cameras for some exceptional shots. Do

    that on your Golden Triangle Tour and you would not forget this

    experience for the rest of your life.

    Travel and leisure Tip: A 3-hour trip may cost INR 9000 per person.

    You may choose among early on morning and afternoon rides. To

    see these places, please visit our golden triangle tour packages india.


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