15 Things I've Learned About Michigan Apples

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15 things I LEARNED this week about MichiganApplesDianna Stampfler

PromoteMichigan.comOctober is Michigan Apple Month! #MiApples

Michigan is the 3rd largest apple producing in the state, with 24 million bushels of apples harvested in 2014 (1008 billion pounds).

There are 9.2 million apple trees in commercial production in Michigan, covering 36,500 acres on 850 family-run farms.

SOURCE: MichiganApples.com 15 things I LEARNED this week

PromoteMichigan.comPromoting Michigan apples for more than 75 years!

The Michigan Apple Committee was originally established as the Michigan State Apple Commission in 1939 as a commodity group representing Michigan Apple growers. The Michigan State Apple Commission became the Michigan Apple Committee as part of Public Act 232 in 1965. The Michigan Apple Committee (MAC) is charged with marketing, communications, consumer education and research on behalf of Michigan growers.Source: MichiganApples.com15 things I LEARNED this week

PromoteMichigan.comJohnny Appleseed

John Chapman(September 26, 1774 March 18, 1845), often calledJohnny Appleseed, was an American pioneernurseryman who introducedapple trees to large parts of the Great Lakes region. He becamean American legendwhile still alive, due to his kind, generous ways, his leadership in conservation, and thesymbolic importance he attributed to apples.

15 things I LEARNED this week

PromoteMichigan.comMichigans oldest cider mill

The Dexter Cider Mill is the oldest continuously operating Cider Mill in Michigan. Cited by "Hour Detroit" magazine as one of the 101 places to visit in the greaterMetropolitan area. Today we make cider the same way it was made 120 years ago by using an oak rack press. Using locally grown and hand picked apples and blending 3-5 different varieties in every pressing, which makes each press unique. The equipment used to press the cider is over 100 years old.15 things I LEARNED this week

PromoteMichigan.comMichigan grows a variety of apples!

Michigan grows dozens of varieties of apples, in addition to a handful of heirloom crops, at more than 950 farms around the state. Whether youre looking to bake a pie, applesauce, fruit salad, cider or just enjoy taking a bite straight out of an apple of your choosing.15 things I LEARNED this week

PromoteMichigan.comHave you heard of The Ridge?

Approximately 8 miles wide by 20 miles long, Fruit Ridge (The Ridge) is regarded as one of the prime fruit-growing regions in the world located northwest of Grand Rapids. Elevations greater than 800 feet and its location (about 25 miles from Lake Michigan), creates a unique climate (ideal growing andmoderate winters) for fruit production. The Ridge supplies 60% of the states (Michigan) apples. An estimated 66% of the Ridge lies in Kent County, all within 20 miles of downtown Grand Rapids.

15 things I LEARNED this week

PromoteMichigan.comTouring Michigan apple orchards!

Travel Michigan's backroads and rediscover the many countryside apple orchards that are bursting at the seams with agricultural history, the freshest fruit and an abundance of family activities.

Five regional driving tours have been developed for your traveling pleasure and are available at MichiganAppleTours.com.15 things I LEARNED this week

PromoteMichigan.comWhere to find Michigan apples?

Michigan is one of the major fruit-growing states, in large part because of the lake-effect climate which makes for favorable fruit production near the lakes. Also, our soils are sandy and fertile, which favors the deep-rooted trees.The oldest apple orchards in Michigan are found in the Detroit area and at the base of the thumb region. The most active growing regions are along the Fruit Belt area which stretches along the Lake Michigan shoreline from Berrien County up toward Charlevoix County, including an area know as The Ridge in Kent County, just northwest of the metro Grand Rapids area. 15 things I LEARNED this week

PromoteMichigan.comAn apple a day keeps the doctor away

Apples are an important part of a healthy diet.Loaded with powerful flavonoids and anti-oxidants, and filled with fiberwhile being low in sodium and caloriestheyre a healthychoice for every body!15 things I LEARNED this week

PromoteMichigan.comMichigan Apple Queen!

The 2015 Michigan Apple Queen is Mary Stoll of Kent City (the 64th queen to be crowned by the Michigan Apple Committee). She is a student at FerrisState University, studying optometry. She is the niece and granddaughter of apple growers. In 2015 you might see Mary in a parade, at a festival, at a grocery store or in your classroom! She loves to tell people about the Michigan Apple Industry and why it is so important to our state.15 things I LEARNED this week

PromoteMichigan.comInto the mouths of babes

Approximately 5% of Michigan apples are processed by the baby food industry. Michigan is home for Gerber Baby Food Company, the baby food industry leader accounting for 65 % of the market. Gerber was founded in 1927 in Fremont, Michigan byDaniel Frank Gerber, owner of theFremont Canning Company, which produced canned fruit and vegetables.15 things I LEARNED this week

PromoteMichigan.comThe spirited side of apples

Michigan distilleries offer some creative creations that utilize apples. Black Star Farms in Suttons Bay crafts an apple brandy;Coppercraft Distillery in Holland makes an AppleJack whiskey utilizing apple cider from Virtue Cider in Fennville; and applevodka or brandy from Uncle Johns Fruithouse Winery in St. Johns.

Source: MiCraftSpirits.org. 15 things I LEARNED this weekPromoteMichigan.com

PromoteMichigan.comApples & Ice Creama perfect pairing!

Holland-basedHudsonville Ice Creamhas released two fruit-inspired flavors centered around Michigans largest and most valuable fruit crop. BothCider Mill DonutandPure Michigan Salted Caramel Applefeature pieces of locally-sourced apples. Cider Mill Donut can be found in retail stores now; Pure Michigan Salted Caramel Apple will hit freezers in October.

15 things I LEARNED this week

PromoteMichigan.comBushels of apple festivals

There are more festivals focused on apples than any other fruit in Michigan. Be sure to check out the Four Flags Apple Festival (Oct 1-4), Huron Township Apple Festival (Oct 3-4), Charlevoix Apple Festival (Oct 9-11). Other festivals to plan on in future years include Bangor Apple Festival (mid Sept), Coldwater Apple Festival (third Saturday in Sept), Romeo Arts & Apple Festival (early Sept), Michigan Apple Festival in Charlotte (mid Sept), Apple & BBQ Festival (early Sept) in Silver Lake area, Michigan Apple Fest (late Sept) in Sparta, 15 things I LEARNED this week

PromoteMichigan.comFor more on Michigan apples

French Jesuit missionaries planted apple seeds in the Michigan wilderness more than a century before the travels of Johnny Appleseed. Seedlings grew into giant fruit-bearing trees that provided tangy apples to pioneers who followed. By the late 1700s, orchards that bloomed with Fameuse, Calville Blanc d'Hiver, Pomme Gris and Detroit Red rivaled those of New England, and even President Thomas Jefferson received scions of Detroit trees to plant at his Monticello estate.

Get your copy online here. 15 things I LEARNED this week