0910 Cartagena Iliana

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Town Description - 6th PrimaryThere is / There areThere was / There wereBefore / After

Text of 0910 Cartagena Iliana

  • Trabajo de inglsIliana Rivas Ortega

  • Before,this only live famous and was houses reals.Was a font and lots of palmers. Was King had a barracks.Dont was tourist and your name was street Maestranza

  • Now, the street is beautiful.in the street live many people and also this academy Naval. Theres many hotels and restaurants.Its street very important and tourist

  • Comparations of the street before at now

    Now there is trafic sings.Now not there was a font.Now not live famous , now are live many peple.

    Before not there was trafic sings.

    Before there was a font.

    Before only live the famous,and only was houses reals

  • Before, the street was convent Siervas de Jess,before the street was long , ugly and lonely.

  • Now,this is the park of trafic and theres many restaurants,snack bar,shop,supermarket and houses.In Angel bruna live lots people,and this is school Hispania

  • Before was a convent. Before was ugly and lonelyBefore there not was a schoolNow there is a park of trafic.Now theres very beautiful and many shops Now is the school Hispania