Zend Certified Engineer - Inside Out

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This slide was done for and presented in the phpXperts Seminar 2011, the largest tech seminar of Bangladesh.This basically

Text of Zend Certified Engineer - Inside Out

  • 1. Being a Zend Certified Engineer How it starts and ends!

2. My Story Youngest ZCE, started early adaptedIm the worldsfast, passionate about learning and exploring newstuffs, worked on a lot of languages including C, C++, C#and Visual Basic.For the certification, I studied for a few days and passedin 30 minutes. I usually, try once and try hard.Willing to become a successful tech entrepreneurin the future. 3. What is Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE)? ZCE is an international certification program on the PHP programming language and Zend Framework given by the Zend company 4. WHY would you become a ZCE? Get recognized as a Zend Certified Engineer Get listed among the bestphp developers in theZend Yellow Pages Hiring managers find iteasy to give jobs 5. Primary Requirements A fundamentalknowledge on PHP andthe Zend Framework (ifthe exam is on ZF) $195 = 15,100 Determination andConfidence 6. My Suggestions1. Architects 2. Architects 3. Zend PHP 5.3 4. The PHPZend PHP 5 Guide to Certification ManualCertificationprogrammingGuideStudy Guidewith Zend(comes with the www.php.net Frameworkexam voucher) 7. The Exam 70 or 75 questions90 minutes Closed roomSpecialized SoftwareRevision allowed at the end Pass / Fail is shown right after submission 8. Where do I sit for the exam? Chittagong New Horizons Computer Learning Center Dhaka New Horizons Computer Leaning Center Daffodil Intl University Genuity Systems Islamic Development Bank- Bangladesh Islamic Solidarity Educational Wakf (IDB-BISEW) IT Bangla And a few more 9. Additional information ZCE all over the globe and 7500 ZCEsin Bangladeshworldwide38 ZCEs inBangladesh Bangladesh Global 2 ZCEs on ZendFramework fromBangladesh 10. Presentation by Shehzad Noor Taus, aimed for the phpXperts Seminar 2011.