Y2 2009 Firework Poems

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  • 1. Our FireworkPoems ByY2

2. Fireworks fireworks Red,orange, blue Fireworks,, fireworks Green,yellow, blue Fireworks, fireworks Something floating by Oh No...It's a firework Z O O M I N G! I CAN SEE THE MAN WHOLIGHTS THEM UP! By Jacob & George M Whizz cracklepop Pinkredgreen Falling down on me Up to my head down to my feet. Now it's dead! I love the colours and I love the noises They're all beautiful foryou and me! By Bethany 3. Whizz crash bang sizzle Pink,green,yellow and orange Brown andblack,whitecrash! Whizz, sizzle, bash, bang, crash! Red,blue,white, yellow,Whizz I am with my sister Megan We love them and love to wear our hats, gloves and scarfs! By Ellie 4. Onenighton 5 thNovember We heard the firework go POP BANG SIZZLE!!!! Red,yellow,orange andblue! By Harry K 5. My blankey keeps me very warm While I watch the fireworks Zoom! Bang! Crash! Bang! I like these colours I am dancing to music. I like these coloursWhat would we do without Guy Fawkes He is very naughty Because he tried to blow up theHouses of Parliament! By Victoria 6. Fireworks, fireworksred,blue,green. Fireworksflash, bang, scream! Orange andyellow shooting high and coming back down from the sky! By Kieran On one night on the 5 thNovember cOLOURS SHOOT UP RED,BLUE,GREEN BBANG POP! Fireworks & people scream! Oh No it's zooming down! What would we do without Guy Fawkes and gun powder.By Jack 7. Fireworks fireworksredbluegreen Fireworks fireworksflash bang scream! Orange andyellow shooting up high and coming back down from the sky. By Lewis Fireworks Fireworks Watch them come up to the sky WHIZZ CRASH BANG AND SIZZLE They glow beautifully Colours sprinkling on you Oh No! It's my house!By Heidi 8. Orangeyellowred Sizzle flash Bang crash in the sky Twirling curling in the sky by Lucas POP BANG CRASH the rocket in the sky It goes fast fast up in the sky.Woooooo Shooting up in the sky. Redblue andgold! Flash bang crash that is what I like The scary bit is in the sky.By Chloe 9. Come to me and you Browngoldshiny silver Pops in the sky Pop go the rockets bursting intopurplesparks Swirling round and round andCRASH! I like the colours best. By Beth Redgreenorange Sizzling sparkly on the ground Brownpinkpurple are Sizzling hiss and BANG! By Ewan 10. A beautiful firework shootsUp to the cold night sky. Blueyelloworangesilver Another oneredgreenpinkpurple. Twirling crashing banging Booming sparkling in the sky! By Libby Orangeyellowsizzle andbrown Falling softly to the ground. Over me and over you. Oh No! It's up to my shoe! Orangeyellow sizzle and brown. Falling softly to the ground!By Phoebe 11. Fireworks fireworks way up high Fireworks fireworks in the sky. Listen carefully as they go they make lots of sounds likeBOOM CRACKLE BO! It could be a rocket or a sparkler Any one like that can make a big SPLAT! BY Gracie Redgreenorange sizzling softly On the groundbrown purplepinkblue Are sizzling ZZZZ and thenBANG!By Finn 12. See the fireworks up in the sky See the colours on the fireworks Redyellowpink andbrown. But I have a wrap to keep me nice and warm The fireworks are very very beautiful. They go CRASH! BANG! SIZZLE! Left and right! By Sarah Orangeyellow SIZZLE FLASH! Crash BANG! Twirling swooping in the sky.By Ellis 13. Fireworks fireworks Way up high high Fireworks fireworks In the sky. Listen carefully as they go They make lots of sounds LikeBOOM CRACKLE BOING! BANG it could be.... A rocket or a sparkler Any one like that They can come down with a big SPLIT SPLAT!!!!By Mysti 14. See the fireworks up in the sky See the coloursred andblue They change topink andblue then toyellow What lovely colours they are! CRASH BANG! I love fireworks Very good very nice I love fireworks Very pretty very loud I LOVE FIREWORKS!By Abbie 15. Blueorangeyellow andbrown Shooting shooting up to you See the colours coming to you CRASH! BANG! FIZZ! POP! Sizzlepurplepinkwhite andgrey Twizzling twirling! Twirling whirling! Curling in the sky Oh they are so beautiful!! By Louise 16. Pop bang sizzle and sparkle Withorangeyellow andbrown. Rockets shooting in the sky Noises in the sky Patterns in the sky.By Jamie P On bonfire night there's lots of noise I hear POP FIZZ BANG CRASH WHOOSH in the sky. Sometimes there are colours and my favourites yellow andpink....they're what I see. The movements go forwards, backwards andsize to side.By Grace M 17. POP! BANG! SIZZLE! AndsPARKLE1 Withorangeyellow andbrown Rockets shooting in the sky Noises in the sky Patterns ofred andgreen. Watching quietly The showers of sparks shooting up A rocket goes WHOOSH BANG FIZZ And then it's all dark!By Thomas 18. Sizzle sizzle bang bang! Redbluegreen Left right backwards forwards Yelloworangepurple Diagonal up and down RedblackbrownwhiteGreySizzle sizzle bang bang Oh no its over my shoe! By Jamie I 19. We hope you haveenjoyed reading our Firework Poems!!! If you have, please leave us a comment...we loveto hear from you!!