Wireframing basics may 2012

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  • 1. Wireframing: Just the BasicsFeel free to holler with ?s! meaghan.barbin@gmail! @mbarbin!

2. Wireframing 101: Syllabus What is wireframing?! Why do it?! 5 types of web pages ! How does it tie into product development?! Toolkit! 3. WHAT IS WIREFRAMING? 4. WHAT IS WIREFRAMING?page schema+c blueprint comprehensive layout A website wireframe is a visual guidethat represents the skeletal framework of a website! paper prototype whiteboarding 5. WHAT IS WIREFRAMING? [It] depicts the page layout orarrangement of the websites content,! 6. WHAT IS WIREFRAMING? including interface elements! 7. WHAT IS WIREFRAMING? and navigational systems,! 8. WHAT IS WIREFRAMING? and how they work together! - Wikipedia! 9. WHAT IS WIREFRAMING?If all else fails: h