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Meet new Windows 8 Presentation by Shyam Sasindran, MVP

Windows8 features

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A walk through about new features in Windows 8

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Page 1: Windows8 features

Meet new Windows 8

Presentation by Shyam Sasindran, MVP

Page 2: Windows8 features

Modern UI a.k.a Metro UI

•Tiles – Live Tiles •Tiles are shortcuts of programs, Metro applications, Web pages etc.

Modern UI

Page 3: Windows8 features

The Windows Store

• Thousands of free and paid applications• Synced with you Windows account• Touch based application only • Prevent non-store app installation

Page 4: Windows8 features

Secure Boot with UEFI

• Prevents “unauthorized” operating systems and software from loading during the startup process

• Microsoft signed Bootloaders only

• Prevent Rootkit infection • Powered by UEFI (Unified

Extensible Firmware Interface)

Better Security

Ideal for cooperate environments

Page 5: Windows8 features

• Task Manager similar to Process Explorer

• Normal and Advance view

• Ability to restart services like Explorer.exe

• Disable Startup items • New tab called “App

History” for Metro apps• Improved UI

Improved Task Manager

Page 6: Windows8 features

• New “Office Styled Ribbon” • Ability to mount VHD, ISO and IMG• Advance Copy / Move options • New Quick access toolbar

Improved Windows Explorer

Page 7: Windows8 features

• Deep integration with Windows Essential account

• Very fast start-up by Hybrid Boot • Hyper-V Support • Native USB 3.0 Support • Improve Multi Monitor support • Improved Repair & Recovery options • File History (Like Time Machine in MAC)• Windows To Go • Touch based Internet Explorer 10

Other Features:

Page 8: Windows8 features
Page 9: Windows8 features

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