Who Cares About Your LiveContent?

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The future of tech comm is social. So what does that mean to content strategists? How do you even go about implementing a social strategy that makes sense for your organization without losing focus on your main object; content strategy? Now more than ever, online product and services documentation has become a critical business tool which is driving top-line revenue, decreasing support costs and increasing customer satisfaction. This session, led by Corey Ganser of MindTouch, will discuss the different levels of engagement: Company: Create a centralized knowledge base to gather and share ideas, how-tos and intelligence from people who work the front lines every single day. See how customer support agents create fresh content from their Zendesk support tickets. Community: Engage with your users and customers in a space where livecontent can be easily moderated, rated, shared and more. See how companies like Autodesk, Mozilla and Washington Post moderate, share and socialize their community livecontent contributions. You, the Content Strategist: This isnt just about making your job easier, its about allowing you to spend more time focusing on what youre best atcontent strategy. Attend this thought-provoking session and see how multi-billion dollar companies, like Autodesk, Mozilla, and Washinton Post are leveraging the power of their product and help docs to drive personalized marketing, leverage social intelligence and drive down support costs. This is a session for product, marketing and live content strategists.


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Who Cares About Your Content?Corey Ganser MindTouch, Inc.Follow me: @coreygansLavacon 2011 </p> <p>#OverviewWhy does your company care about content?Why does your community care about content?Why do you care?What are the next steps?#CompanyWhy does your company care about content?In the Past:Documentation is a burdened requirement to launch a productDocumentation costs money and doesnt lead to revenueDocumentation becomes stale fast because of the resources required to update Documentation doesnt engage the community nor does it ask for feedback#Necessary evilMinimal resources appliedMinimal docs, dated docs, stale docs4Present Day Opportunity: Strategic AssetDocumentationa key component to a prospects evaluation of the producthelps users become experts of the product without requiring a resource to hand hold = Customer is happy!allows users to extend functionality and properly execute your product/service the way it was intended#Present Day OpportunityCorporate ProductivitySupport Decrease overhead in the support department Marketing Leverage the content rich documentation to search engine optimize your documentationSales Self qualifying leads Product feedback loops within documentation#Present Day Opportunity: AnalyticsCreate an environment where content can be measuredMarketing Keywords, content, SEOSales Sales pipeline, sales cycle length, self qualifying prospectsProduct Product feedback and roadmapDocumentation Successfulness of docs </p> <p>#Community Why does your community care about content?Who do you write for?ProspectsHow do prospects evaluate your company?CustomersHow do you create loyal customers?How do you turn customers into references?</p> <p>#Prospects: What are they looking for?Solve a specific issueCan they self serve?Best practicesUnderstanding the product/serviceOrganic Search ranking</p> <p>#Customers: What are they looking for?Product knowledge to become expertsFix a problemNew functionality/featuresCommunity involvementFeedbackCareer enhancing knowledgeExpert on the product = Indispensible Best Practices#YouWhy do you care?New reasons to careYoure strategic benefit to the organizationDepartments that rely on you: Marketing, Sales, Support, and ProductCommunity needs social interaction around documentation more than ever beforeEvolving documentation beyond reactive#You: Is it time to take action?Share your passionIndividual enhancementSatisfaction having a greater impact in the companyMore feedback from the community #What are the next steps?State of the UnionWhat is the state of your documentation now?</p> <p>Do you allow users to provide written feedback on your documentation?Do you search engine optimize your documentation?Do you have analytics behind your documentation on what is most successful?Do you have analytics showing what users are searching for along with what they are and arent finding?Do you capture web analytics around the traffic of your documentation site?Do you allow SMEs within your company contribute to your documentation?</p> <p>Flickr.com - TalkMediaNews#State of the Union (cont.)Do you only provide your documentation in PDF format? Do you allow your support agents to contribute to your documentation?Do your support agents have access to the documentation that your community has access to?Is your documentation available within your product or do your users need to go to a different site to access it?If your documentation is within your product, do you need to wait until a product release in order to update it?</p> <p>#State of the Union (cont.)Do you have a way of collaborating with SMEs around your documentation or do you find yourself stuck in email for information gathering?Does your documentation strategy expand beyond the product/tech docs dept?Is your sales team gaining intelligence from your documentation? (Sales/Marketing automation)#Where do you go from here?Scoping the new paradigm Identify new end pointsIdentify points of leverageOperational efficienciesMake sure the improvements benefit all stakeholders Company, Community, and You!#Sample Publishing Pipeline A better way to publish help and product content. A new way to create buyers.</p> <p>#Phased approachBreakdown the changes into phasesPhase 1 - Identify Platform/Tools/TechnologyPhase 2 Branding, Community accessible, and capture feedback and analyticsPhase 3 Extend documentation into Product/Site/Service (Integration)Phase 4 Take time and money saved to go on more vacations #Companies that have taken this approachAutodeskExact Target See demonstration on November 16th at 3:30pmMozillaIntuit #Questions?</p> <p>#Thank you Stop by the MindTouch booth to chat more about your content.Another great speechSmart Content: The Right Message to the Right Customer and the Right TimeDamien Howley from MindTouch and Amanda Cross from Exact Target talk about Help 2.0 concepts and the steps to deploy a Help 2.0 solution.November 16th 3:30pm 5:30pm#</p>