White label local search for Mobile Operators

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Yapp Mobile provides mobile operators with a platform that allows them to offer users the most compelling local content and services on smartphones. Using Yapp's madeMocal platform operators are easily able to add/edit/remove new channels on smartphones as and when desired.

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  • 1. madeMocal PlatformWhite Label Local Search for Mobile Operators Yapp Mobile 2011
  • 2. For Users
  • 3. Provide customers with access to the best local contentand deals from a single application. dd l f i l li ti Nearby Indoor Map & Shopping Guide Closest Store 250 meters Eat & Drink Local Going Out Guide Local Deals L lD l Bargains close-by Music Festival Events Yapp Mobile 2011
  • 4. Present relevant local deals to customers searching forspecific goods and services ifi d d i Jakarta Ability to capture customers profile information when they opt to redeem special deals. Yapp Mobile 2011
  • 5. For Partners
  • 6. Provide a web interface that allows partners to easilylaunch new location based services... services Hi {Name} Logout Add New Channel Manage Your Channels Dynamically add a new channel. New y y Edit/Remove/Deactivate existing channels can be time/location specific. channels. Yapp Mobile 2011
  • 7. ..and dynamically launch new channels across therange of supported smartphones. f t d t h Location Platform Partners Can Dynamically Add New Channels Going Out Shopping Yapp Mobile 2011