Presented by Chris Amoroso, Kyle Gosnell Brian Forkner, Kim Obert Hosted At Beaver Run Resort Customer Appreciation

WhatToDo Customer Appreciation

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WhatToDo Customer Appreciation

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Presented by Chris Amoroso, Kyle GosnellBrian Forkner, Kim Obert

Hosted At Beaver Run Resort

Customer Appreciation

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Magazine, Web and Database Development CompanyColorado Business 32 Years of Experience in Resort MarketingWhatToDo Magazine Established in 1984

Full Time Staff of Writers and Developers

Who We Are

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130,000 Guidebooks Printed AnnuallyIncludes Coupons, Maps, Dining, Activities, Family Fun, and More

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Custom Maps

200,000 Custom Maps Printed Annually

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Websites / Resort Content

Custom Websites Built Specifically for Your Business

Constantly Updated With Fresh Relevant Content

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Provide Content to 100's of WebsitesDeveloper of Resort Content EngineOnline Vacation PlanningOnline CouponsOnline Custom MapsEvent CalendarsActivity ListingsOnline Dining GuidesOver 230,000 Unique Visitors Last Year

What We Do (Web)

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WhatToDo.info was created by resort business owners like you for resort business owners like you.

WhatToDo.info is the only independent community-based marketing program that gets stronger with every new participant and is specifically designed to find your customers wherever they are, regardless of changes in technology.

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After eight years of development and testing, our revolutionary Web program is exceeding expectations at every level.

Our visitor numbers have been nearly doubling every three months with over 230,000 annual visitors as of January 2012 and up to 12,000 coupons are being printed from our websites in a single month.

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Web Based Coupons

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MapsOnline Maps

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Event Listings

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Dining Guides

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Design, Publish and Distribute Maps Over 100,000 Maps Bi-Annually Walking Maps Area Maps 65,000 Guide Books Bi-Annually Over 12,000 Coupons Printed Monthly

What We Do (Publisher)

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Shopping Map

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If you are a resort service or activity provider, WhatToDo.info is the single best choice you can make to market your business.

For over 32 years WhatToDo has been known as a high-quality resort activity guidebook.

Now, as well as being featured in our widely distributed resort guidebooks, our advertisers are also featured on thousands of pages of our affiliate vacation planning websites.

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WhatToDo Customer Best Practices

Submit advertisements early to get the greatest exposure.

Use our online advertising submission and approval system.

Edit your advertisement or listing at any time.

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Online Approval System

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Online Approval System

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Online Approval System

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Along with our unique Web program your business is featured on our widely distributed resort maps and becomes part of our proprietary Resort Content Engine.

This revolutionary program promises to change the way resort marketing is done.

WhatToDo.info takes your business information and categorizes it in a state-of-the-art cloud-based database.

We create websites for other resort areas and pull in your information. If you list your services with WhatToDo.info you will suddenly find them listed on hundreds of other resort area websites as well.

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Your information is featured on non-competitive websites in use now by Property Management Companies, Realtors, Lodges, Concierges, Transportation Companies, and more.

Every time a new business gets a website or Resort Content Engine service, your business is featured on another high-quality website.

This not only drives business your way but also creates hundreds of invaluable back-links to your own website and elevates your business services to the top of search rankings.

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Custom Google Search Breckenridge Fun Park

5,080 Pages

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Video IntegrationGlenwood Caverns Example

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Video IntegrationGlenwood Caverns Adventure Park

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Video IntegrationGlenwood Caverns Google Video Search

First Page Listing in Google And YouTube (2nd Largest Search Engine)

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We are constantly working to optimize advertisers in all Search Engines - in particular Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Our sites have custom SEO optimized titles, meta-data, header tags, alt tags, title tags, site maps, bolding, and many other leading-edge components to ensure high rankings for all pages in the search engines.

Trust your web development to proven professionals that are certified by Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Social Media optimization is also a mission-critical component of any and all Internet marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization -- SEO

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Increase Visitors, Page Views, Time Spent on Site.Decease Bounce Rates.

Incoming Links from WhatToDo websites.Incoming Links from Non-Competitive Websites.

Keep Your Social Media Channels Current and Up to Date with WhatToDo Content.Leverage WhatToDo Resort Content Engine to Update Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and All Other Social Media Applications.

Free Up Your Resources to Concentrate on Core Business Objectives.

No Flash. Our Sites and Content are Mobile Friendly

Don't Lose Traffic To Competitors by Providing Content Your Visitors Need Without Leaving Your Website.

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If you find your business services listed at the top of relevant internet search pages, you can be assured our WhatToDo.info Web program is working for you.

This comes to you at a price you can afford from a company with an outstanding customer service record.

Global reach with local support.

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Phone : (970) 790-6878Email: [email protected]

Physical Address:331 Metcalf Rd.Building 2-A Unit 8-AAvon, CO 81620

Contact us today for a free consultationGet promoted in the resort's most innovativePowerful marketing program

Contact Us

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