What to do when you lose your mobile phone

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A quick and easy guide on steps you should take if you lose your mobile phone.

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  • 1.Mobile phones are a key piece of sttechnology in 21 century life, and losing WHAT TO DOyours can be a disaster. Follow these steps IF YOU LOSE YOUR MOBILEPHONEand get back on your feet as soon aspossible after a loss!If you need any extra advice, donthesitate to contact your mobilephone service provider, who willgenerally have protocol in placefor lost phones.

2. WHAT TO DO:#1Call your mobile phone service provider andhave your service either cancelled orsuspended.#2Check and see if your phone is eithercovered by your household insurance or byyour mobile provider. Theres no need toreplace your phone out of pocket if you donthave to#3If you believe you were robbed, report thetheft to the police. However, if you believeIn the meantimeyou just left your phone somewhere, call the Check with your mobile operator and lost and founds of every location you were insee if they will replace your phone free of between now and the last time you made acharge within 24 hours depending on call.your contract.#4 If you cant get ahold of a phone in theDont panic! Panicking makes you more likelymeantime, go for a pay as you go phoneto forget a step, which may lead to youwith a free sim card as a quick spending much more money needlessly.replacement.