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What impacts of sublimation ink quality

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What Impacts of Sublimation Ink Quality?

What Impacts of Sublimation Ink Quality?

Sublimation transfer printing ink is the the key material of sublimation transfer technology, it is mainly composed of disperse dyes, binders, solvents and a small amount of additives. Dye is required to have good sublimation transfer, permeability and certain fastness.

Connecting material is required to have appropriate printability, preservation and thermal transfer adaptability, it should have small affinity with dye, and easy to release dye gases. Commonly used binders are low-viscosity ethyl cellulose, ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose, modified alkyd resin and others. Commonly used solvents are turpentine, terpineol, high boiling alcohol, cellosolve.

The most important feature of the sublimation transfer is dye can diffuse into the fabric fibers. Therefore, good quality dye sublimation ink has vivid color, strong stability and good transfer efficiency. Quality of sublimation inks affect the quality of the product directly, therefore, the choice of high-quality dye-sublimation ink is very important.

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