Web Tools 2.0

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1. Cloud Upgrades!Your web-toolsdashboard! 2. A More Completeway to Fully Editand UpgradeContent! 3. You Can!Geo target content,create customthank youmessages andselectively createdisplay triggers! 4. Get Social withYour Content!Share onFacebook, Tweetand create widgets! 5. Create !Multiple types offorms for yourwebsite! 6. Volunteer!Every form is gearedtowards campaignbehavior and youcan sort volunteersby tasks! 7. Choose thePurpose of YourForm! 8. Multiple ExportOptions for YourData! 9. Set Benchmarksfor Your Formsand MonitorProgress! 10. Gauge Analyticsfor Submissionsand by Date! 11. Set SecurityParameters! 12. Create Widgetsfor Your Forms!