Wake Up Your Website: Minneapolis, MN October 23 2013

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You need to make each of your visits to your website count. This breakfast workshop covered the latest trends,strategies and best practices on how to get the most out of your digital and content marketing initiatives.

Text of Wake Up Your Website: Minneapolis, MN October 23 2013

  • 1.#wakeupyourwebsiteBOB CANAWAY @bobcanaway Vice President of Marketing, Ektron JEFF WILLINGER @jwillie Director of Everything Cool, RightPoint

2. #wakeupyourwebsiteWHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Website and Digital Marketing Trends How to Wake Up Your Website Increasing Context and Relevancy with Personas and Content Targeting 6 Ways to Capitalize on Mobile How RightPoint Helps Ektron Customers 3. #wakeupyourwebsiteTIME SPENT ONLINE63% desktopMOBILE DATA USAGE2017 201237%mobile 4. #wakeupyourwebsite 5. #wakeupyourwebsite 6. #wakeupyourwebsite67 percent of the buyers journey is digital 7. #wakeupyourwebsiteYour visitors are bombarded by 100s of digital messages each day 8. #wakeupyourwebsiteSites visited, 10Searches Facebook conducted, posts, 1.2 5Texts, 3 0Personal email, 5 4Business email, 1 01Your visitors have one One digital every 5 interaction minutes EVERY 5 MINUTES 9. #wakeupyourwebsiteThe only way to cut through the clutter is TO CONNECT with visitors on a personal level 10. #wakeupyourwebsiteDIGITAL MARKETING & WEBSITE TRENDS 11. #wakeupyourwebsiteIN 2013, WHAT IS YOUR TOP EXTERNAL SOCIAL STRATEGY OBJECTIVE? Content Marketing57%Develop ongoing dialog and engagement with customers50%Listen/learn from customers40%Provide direct customer support through social channels33%Develop an influencer relations or ambassador program26%Website integration25%0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%Content Marketing is the top go to market priority in 2013 12. #wakeupyourwebsiteWHAT PERCENTAGE OF MARKETING BUDGET IS ALLOCATED TO CONTENT MARKETING? 20%15.20% 13.30%8.70% 6.40% 2.90%3.90% 4% 3.70% 1.50%00.60%10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Percentage of budgetB2b Content Marketing Trends 2013Organizations are spending between 2030% of budget on Content Marketing 13. #wakeupyourwebsiteHOW IS CONTENT PRODUCTION ACTIVITY CHANGING IN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS? 1.40%16.80%50%32%IncreasesIncreases slightlyStays flatDecreasesB2b Content Marketing Trends 201382% of organizations are INCREASING their content production 14. #wakeupyourwebsiteDO YOU HAVE A DOCUMENTED CONTENT STRATEGY? IS SOMEONE RESPONSIBLE FOR CONTENT STRATEGY? 6%44%50% 44% of B2B Marketing teams have a documented content strategyYes No Unsure 73% have an individual responsible for content strategy 15. #wakeupyourwebsiteDO YOU HAVE A BLOG?77% 77% of organizations have a blog But only 15% of blogs are active 16. #wakeupyourwebsiteINTEGRATION WITH MARKETING AUTOMATION We use marketing automation to generate leads36.7%We use marketing automation to nurture leads36.1%We actively create content to feed automated campaigns28%We use marketing automation to engage with customers We sporadically use content for marketing automation campaigns Adoption and use of Marketing Automation is on the rise < 20% of Ektron customers have marketing automation systems today26%15.1%We don't use marketing automation B2b Content Marketing Trends 201339% 17. #wakeupyourwebsiteSEARCH 97%343% longerBOUNCE RATEVISIT DURATION209%PAGE VIEWSSite search helps your visitors accomplish their goals, and helps you DRIVE THEM through your desired journey 18. #wakeupyourwebsite 19. #wakeupyourwebsite 20. #wakeupyourwebsiteTHE BUYER HAS CHANGED Savvy, noise resistant, information seekers Informed, social, & earned vs. bought 78% start their research with search 78% view vendor websites 4+ pieces of content 5576 emails ~ Exec 10x 21. #wakeupyourwebsiteCONVERSION: WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN AwarenessConsideration ConversionVisitor 22. #wakeupyourwebsiteCONVERSION: WHAT REALLY HAPPENS Awareness Consideration CloseVisitor 23. #wakeupyourwebsiteFOCUS ON THE BUYERS JOURNEY Not your processContent Marketing Drives Engagement 24. #wakeupyourwebsiteUnprecedented Changes in Marketing 25. #wakeupyourwebsiteINBOUND WEBSITE AttractVisitorsBlogKeywordsSocial MediaConvertLeadsTargeted CTAsLanding PagesFormsCloseCustomersMAP + CRM IntegrationTargeted ContentSocial NetworkingDelightHappy CustomersTargeted CTAsMAP + CRM IntegrationCustomer Service 26. #wakeupyourwebsite 27. #wakeupyourwebsite 28. #wakeupyourwebsiteBEST VISITOR EXPERIENCE 29. #wakeupyourwebsite 30. #wakeupyourwebsite 31. #wakeupyourwebsite 32. #wakeupyourwebsiteTHE BLOG: UNIQUE PAGE VIEWS Q4 2012 44 POSTS Q1 2013 37 POSTS Q2 2013 53 POSTSQ4 2012Q1 2013Q2 2013Q3 2013Q3 2013 56 POSTS 33. #wakeupyourwebsiteEasy, Actio nable SEO 34. #wakeupyourwebsitePERSONA Noun a representation of a segment of customers 35. #wakeupyourwebsitePERSONA MANAGEMENT 36. #wakeupyourwebsiteCONTENT TARGETING Verb Using data about your visitors to provide relevant, contextual content to move them along in the buyer journey 37. #wakeupyourwebsiteTARGET THAT CONTENT Desired business resultsContent targeting 38. #wakeupyourwebsiteS 39. #wakeupyourwebsiteHOW TO GET THERE PersonaActionable view of your customer Intent 40. #wakeupyourwebsiteWAYS TO TARGET CONTENT Anonymous Visitors Geo-location Search term Industry Company Device typeKnown Visitors Geolocation Search terms Industry Company Title Role Customer status Social graph Behavioral attributesPersonas 41. #wakeupyourwebsitePERSONA MANAGEMENT Must Have Attributes Is a prospect In the Healthcare industry Target content Great web experiences in your patient portal webinarMust Have Attributes Is a customer With X products In Canada Nice to have Responded to upgrade campaign Target content Getting the most out of your CMS eBook 42. #wakeupyourwebsite6 ways to CAPITALIZE on mobile 43. #wakeupyourwebsite1. Use Responsive Web Design 44. #wakeupyourwebsiteBENEFITS OF RESPONSIVE DESIGN 1. Improved SEO 2. Increased Productivity 3. Time to work on strategy not devices 45. #wakeupyourwebsiteFUTUREFUTURE PROOFPROOF 46. #wakeupyourwebsite1/3 Bounce rate20% Visit durationhttp://www.ektron.com/Case-Studies/Education/Hendrix-College/150% Mobile traffic 47. #wakeupyourwebsite2. Define the mobile experience by easily setting breakpoints 48. #wakeupyourwebsite3. Upload 1 image and automatically resize for breakpoints 768 px5 MB480 px940 px1210 px 49. #wakeupyourwebsite4. Work faster and smarter by previewing content on mobile devices 50. #wakeupyourwebsite4. Work faster and smarter by previewing content on mobile devices 51. #wakeupyourwebsite5. Increase engagement with content tailored to specific devices 52. #wakeupyourwebsite6. Boost contextby swapping images for different device types 53. #wakeupyourwebsiteBEST VISITOR EXPERIENCE 54. #wakeupyourwebsiteDIGITAL EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM E CO MMARKETING OPTIMIZATION BLOGS & COMMUNITIESPERSONA MGMTCONTENT TARGETINGMARKETING AUTOMATIONSOCIAL PUBLISHINGSEOMV TESTINGSOCIALMCONTENT MANAGEMENTE RC ECRMESYNCCLOUD MANAGEREDITING AND WORKFLO WMOBILESITE CREATION AND MGMTVISUAL PAGE LAYOUTSITE SEARCHWEB ANALYTICS SHAREPOINT VIDEO 55. #wakeupyourwebsiteHOW TO GET STARTED 1. Start with your strategy and prioritize 2. Know your visitors (personas) 3. Build out visitor journeys 4. Identify success factors and what/how to measure 5. Start small NO OCEAN BOIL! 6. Analyze, iterate, optimize 7. 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