Voice Quick Tips: Telling Stories with Storify

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Voice Quick Tips: Telling Stories with Storify

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  • 1.Telling stories with Storify Nick WattsVoicewww.nfpvoice.com

2. Before we can tell one, we need a storyPeople relate to stories and they are one of the most powerful ways ofconnecting with your audience. We can use stories to drive donations,encourage empathy with our causes and build on existing relationships, afterall, to see it is to believe it.The great thing is a story can be of anything and storify is all about that,turning tweets, comments, facebook posts, web links, videos and everythingelse into a story, telling a tale of collective posts. 3. Documenting eventsStorify is an amazing little tool for documenting the buzz around an event,examples where we have used it include the Institute of Fundraising and theArts Marketing Tweetup, which is what I am going to use as an example.In my charity life, I have used it to document breaking news stories, talkaround a particular topic, which goes to show the versatility of this service.So when your done you will end up with something like this.Now lets break down how.. 4. Describing your storyThe free text ability can really set the scene from your story, the NSPCC used thiswith amazing effect with their Rebuilding Childhoods campaign. As you can seefrom the picture, the top writing is all free text, which they have added to theirstory followed by a link to a leading news story. This is then used intermittently throughout the story to set the scene for the next set of content you see. The free text is a fairly recent addition to Storify, giving users the power to tell even more powerful stories: Set the scene Describe the conversations Provide ow to the story 5. Creating your storyWhen you log into Storify (www.storify.com) you can log in via twitter or create aseparate Storify account.Then we go to create a storyWe enter the headline and the narrative about the story.. What story are wetelling?Once we have that they have made it easy to search for content, using hastags,usernames, specic pages and Google searchesAll you have to do is drag anddrop the content you want intothe story frame move themaround to the position you wantand adding some narrative whenyou want it. 6. Its really that easySo now we have dragged our content arranged itinto the order you want and now it reads likea story.Hopefully you can see how this is very usefulfor documenting events and collecting buzzaround a particular story, brand or product.Storify also makes sharing easy and all youhave to do is hit Publish!. It then asks you whatnetworks you wish to share too and with a fewclicks you can share on your Facebook page,Twitter, blogs and any other presences you mayhave.Another cool thing you can do is embed it intoyour website or blog post so people can see theconversations directly related to your topic. 7. Why not check it out for yourself?Check out our Storify account for some examples of how we have used it todocument events and conversations http://storify.com/nfpvoiceCheck out this cool little tool and make one for yourselves, you could eventweet us the link @nfpvoice to show us your story.Most of all be creative, collect a variety of opinion and be open and transparentin the content you display.Use a variety of mediaVideos, photos and textUse multiple sourcesFB, Twitter, Google, Flickr,Youtube, RSSTake your timeIts worth taking the timeto build strong,Multi channel campaigns 8. ContactIf you have any comments please contact:Nick WattsE-mail: nickwatts@nfpvoice.comMobile: +44 7538 36 44 51Twitter: @nickinoxford and @nfpvoiceSkype: nickwattsox