Visual Thinking and Planning with Mind Maps

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Visual Thinking and Planning

Mind Mapping for BRAINSTORMINGHelps you examine the problems from outside the boundaries of normal thinking.


Captures Idea Quickly.Capture Ideas on the go.Building on ideas as one thinks of them.Pushing oneself to think in a new direction.

Brainstorming is effective when done using mind maps.

Mind maps creates a visual landscape of the ideas to look at the root cause(s) of the problem.Using Mind Mapping for BRAINSTORMING

When to Use A MINDMAP?



Breaking Down IdeasOrganizing


Ways to connect ideas using Mind maps Harnessing the power of Images.

Radiant ThinkingCo-ordinating between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Collaboration using MIND MAPPINGAll the members of a group can provide their input in a dynamic and creative way. When used for group brainstorming, Mind Mapping enhances critical thinking and co-operation as well as provide solid basis for collaborative problem-solving.


In Mind Vector, 20+ individuals can brainstorm together at any given point in time. With the click of a button, the map can be shared with all the group members.Mind Vector enhances the advantages of brainstorming by recording every idea or thought in the map. All the collaborators can view the map through the Mind Vector Dashboard. Mind Vector can be easily accessed from the Web, and Apple mobile devices anywhere and changes can be made. With Mind Vector, mind mapping and brainstorming come together to bring forth many innovations from the minds of creative individuals.MIND VECTORand Brainstorming

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