Virtual Reality programming and designing issues

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VIRTUAL REALITY Some interesting uses nowadays VR correlated health issues and how to avoid/reduce them Brief presentation of VR Parachuting Problems encountered w.r.t. canonical videogames Solutions adopted for performance improvementKEY POINTSARCHITECTURESURGERYHeadacheStomach awarenessNauseaSense of vomitingDisorientationCYBERSICKNESSTHE MAIN CAUSE 3 semicircular canals filled with liquid Head rotations around 3 axes move liquid inside them Liquid pushes on cupula, which translates mechanical movements into electric signals Adequate resolution (> 1080p) Low pixel persistence (< 3 ms) High graphics refresh rate (> 60 Hz, 95 Hz adequate) Tracking accuracy (< 1 mm translation, 0.25 orientation) Low latency (< 25 ms) REQUIREMENTS Wide field of view (> 80)Static objects into view Virtual cockpit Virtual noseTRICKS PARACHUTINGI versionII versionTransform = position, rotation, scaleREDUCING COMP LOADSPEEDTREESPLAYING AREAterrain.partyPLAYING AREAPLAYING AREAPLAYING AREAPLAYING AREA


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