UX and Design: Top Tips for Salesforce Apps on Mobile and Wearables

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  • UX and Design: Top Tips for Salesforce Apps on Mobile and Wearables Mitch Kreaden Director of Product Management

  • 2015 Ap)us Corpora0on 2015 / Confiden0al


    Dominic Steil Sales Engineer Ap.us

    Mitch Kreaden Director of Product Management Ap.us

    Dan Reid Senior Director of Product Marke:ng DocuSign

  • Safe harbor statement under the Private Securi0es Li0ga0on Reform Act of 1995: This presenta0on may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertain0es, and assump0ons. If any such uncertain0es materialize

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    Safe Harbor

  • About ApAus

    Ap)us, the category-defining Quote-to-Cash soZware company, drives the vital business process between the buyers interest in a purchase and the realiza0on of revenue. Ap)us is delivered on the Salesforce1 pla\orm. Our applica0ons include Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Renewals, Contract Management and Revenue Management.

    Ap)us serves over 70 Fortune 500 customers and hundreds of mid-size companies.

    Learn more: ap.us.com

  • How should you approach UX and design

    Choosing use cases that make the most sense

    Mobile and Wearable App Demos

    Grouping informa0on & the Impact of glance-ability

    Lightning Demo

    Lessons learned designing Salesforce apps

    Focus Points

  • Smartphone sales surpass PC sales since 2012

    People touch their phone up to 150 0mes a day

    Mobile internet now exceeds desktop internet usage 1.2 m apps were developed for iPhone and Android Up to 87% of mobile apps are deleted within six months

    Wearables will grow from 19.6 m in 2014 to 126.1 m by 2019

    Why Mobile and Wearables

  • Mobile Madness

  • 1. Know Your Audience Designed for specific use cases in mind

    2. Make it Easy to Access/Use Simplified UI

    3. Make it Cool & Familiar Converge Mobile, Web & SFDC UX

    4. Enable Users Designed to increase produc0vity

    5. Make it Reliable and Secure Built on Salesforce1 Pla\orm

    How to Approach Mobile Design

  • InnovaSon & SimplificaSon


    User Adoption

    User Adoption

  • Choosing Your Use Case ApAus Quote-to-Cash Footprint

    BIG vs SMALL

    WIDE vs TALL

    CPQ Approval

  • ApAus CPQ Mobile Demo

  • Are You Ready For Wearables?

    Grow from 19.6 m in 2014 to 126.1 m by 2019

    Adop0on rate parallels to tablets

    Most successful wearables are smart watches and health/fitness trackers (i.e. 9 in 10 wearables)

    Study: Increased employee produc0vity by 8.5% and job sa0sfac0on by 3.5%

    Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker, March 30, 2015

    Source: PWC

  • Differences between Mobile & Wearables Extension of phone not replacement Leverage WK and iOS posted standards Keep goal simple & focused Wearables is a revisit of early mobile days Set realis0c expecta0ons Time factors & space limits iOS & SF Dev resources needed Leverage Glances

  • ApAus Wearable Demo ApAus Approval Intelligence

  • Design Tips & Lessons Learned

    DOS DONTS Set top 3 goals Proper loca0on and size

    for tap targets Focus on func0on first,

    then form Speed & caching Post customiza0on and

    usability tes0ng Allow for mistake


    Complicate feature set Forget that you are not the user Forget state Overcrowd views Keep user wai0ng Overuse push no0fica0ons Go big in phase 1

    Early mobile prototype

  • h)ps://github.com/developerforce/SalesforceWear-DevPack-For-AppleWatch



    h)ps://developer.salesforce.com/mobile/services/mobile-templates h)p://www.slideshare.net/developerforce/visualforce-in-salesforce1-op0mizing-your-user-interface-for-mobile

    Wearable Examples & Resources

  • DocuSign: Dan Reid, Sr. Director of Product Marke0ng

  • DocuSign Mobile Strategy

    Free-to-Sign Growth Strategy (Mobile) Need to serve a consumer and enterprise audience both

    Na0ve Apps Premium experience. Freemium with upsell Tablet Apps

    Mobile Web Breadth coverage. Any device SDK and Partners Your partners sell for you Salesforce Partnership Key strategic alliances


    Full FuncSonality

    NaSve Apps

    Consumer Features

    Enterprise CapabiliSes


    Windows Phone




  • Across Mobile Platforms

    20% 26%

    iPad iPhone Android Win Phone/8

    29% 5%

    DocuSign Consumer Accounts (by OriginaSon Channel)

  • Great Customer Experience Comes First Native Apps

    Sign and Send Documents Customizable Workflow Sign In-Person or Remote Work in Offline Mode

    Push No0fica0ons Navigate Direct to

    Document for Signature

    Manage and Filter All Documents in your Queue

    Access Documents Directly from Salesforce

  • Salesforce1

    Integrated with Salesforce 1 Specify Documents, Signers, and Workflow Post Updates to Cha)er Automa0cally

  • Lightning

  • Lightning framework New UI layer for Salesforce Consist of App builder, Components, exchange &

    design system Lightning Design System (SLDS)

    Collec0on of design pa)erns, components, and guidelines for crea0ng unified UI in the Salesforce ecosystem

    Pure CSS framework to use with VF, lightning

    What Is App Builder & Lightning Components

  • New tools to help Admins Build apps (via App Builder) Automate business processes (via App Builder) Integrate data (via components) Apps are comprised of components Components can be created or consumed Lightning uses an event driven framework/ Arch

    What Is App Builder & Lightning Components

  • Why Lightning MaAers

    Trend towards component frameworks (Google=Polymer)

    Help unify UX across ISV Apps Provide design system & resources to leverage New easy design tool for Dev teams AND Admins Leverage components across large product footprints Lightning is device aware (responsive design) Minimize loading 0me for faster UX

  • ApAus Lightning Demo

  • Final Things To Think About Style & Nav Consistency

    App context (Russian Doll)

    Needed (Wearable) & doable

    Right delivery : S1, VF vs Angular, Lightning , na0ve App

    Prototypes (www.invisionapp.com, )p://www.axure.com/)

    Test using real data

    Leverage exis0ng pieces (Wave, Lightning exchange, Lightning)

  • Q & A

  • Later today

    3 - 3:20pm Build Apps Fast with Lightning Components from ApAus San Francisco Marrio. Marquis Hotel, Foothill E

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