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2. RAISERS EDGE JENNIFER MERCER, PRODUCT MANAGER05/01/2012 Footer 2 3. THE RAISERS EDGEAvailable TodayComing Attractions The Raisers EdgeProduct7.92 Discovery The Giving ScoreRaisers Edge mobile Constituent Mergeapptool Query ListsProfile information Email and 1st class Event Improvementssocial handlesLists Prevent Duplicates Mobile DashboardsGiving Mobile EventsActions05/01/2012Footer 3 4. RE 7.92 - Easier to use Queries Query lists Wheres my query used? - Events Better record keeping improvements - Preventing duplicates Import, search, constituent entry and duplicate report - Export Categories - Resource Center - Providing better data about your supporters The Giving Score05/01/2012 Footer 4 5. Q U E RY L I S T S05/01/2012 Footer 5 6. QUERY LISTS: AVAILABLE FOR CONSTITUENT, INDIVIDUAL, ORGANIZATIONAL QUERIES 1 05/01/2012 Footer 6 7. QUERY LISTS: AVAILABLE FOR CONSTITUENT, INDIVIDUAL, ORGANIZATIONALQUERIES21 1. Automatically suppresses duplicates, default columns 2. Ability to add or remove constituent/s from the query list 3. Query List can be used every where a query is currently being used inthe system05/01/2012 Footer7 8. QUERY LISTS105/01/2012 Footer 8 9. WHERE IS MY QUERY BEING USED?105/01/2012 Footer 9 10. E V E N T PA R T I C I PA N T S U P D AT E S05/01/2012 Footer 10 11. MARKING ATTENDEES & UPDATED NUMBERS ABOUT EVENT1 205/01/2012 Footer11 12. D U P L I C AT E P R E V E N T I O N05/01/2012 Footer 12 13. DUPLICATE PREVENTION ALGORITHM: ENHANCED SEARCH Incorporated an algorithm to prevent duplicates Uses first name, last name, middle initial, suffix, address, phone number and email Phone and Email have been added to Constituent Search Used in constituent search, import and duplicate report Prevent adding duplicate constituents individually and through import Intelligently shows the best results Shows the best results with the strongest matches at the top Fuzzy search Still returns results even if you misspell something on the record or in the search05/01/2012Footer13 14. NEW CONSTITUENT SEARCH1205/01/2012 Footer14 15. DUPLICATE CHECK ON ADD1 205/01/2012 Footer 15 16. IMPORT REPORT05/01/2012 Footer16 17. 105/01/2012 Footer 17 18. DUPLICATE REPORT1205/01/2012 Footer 18 19. EXPORT CATEGORIES 105/01/2012 Footer19 20. RESOURCE CENTER IN RE12 305/01/2012 Footer20 21. THE GIVING SCORE05/01/2012 Footer 21 22. THE GIVING SCORE Helps you raise more money by: Giving you the power to target and identify your best supporters Saving you time and money by knowing who to invest in Improving efficiency with managing your supporters in RE The Giving Score Applies Smart Analytics to your Database: Segments your constituents into four unique groups Focuses cultivation and solicitation efforts on who is likely and capable to give How we do it: Target Analytics looked at hundreds of external demographic and financial characteristics and combined that data with historical giving information from your organization to build the score05/01/2012 Footer 22 23. SCORING YOUR DATABASE05/01/2012 Footer23 24. SCORING YOUR DATABASE05/01/2012 Footer24 25. SCORING YOUR DATABASE05/01/2012 Footer25 26. SCORING YOUR DATABASE105/01/2012 Footer26 27. SCORING YOUR DATABASE105/01/2012 Footer27 28. WHERE DO THE SCORES SHOW UP IN RE?2105/01/2012 Footer 28 29. GIVING SCORE DASHBOARDS12305/01/2012 Footer29 30. GIVING SCORE QUERY1 234 5 8 7 605/01/2012 Footer 30 31. RESOURCES YOU CAN USE TODAY Start Learning video tutorials available on www.blackbaud.com/startlearning WealthPoint searches now included in premium maintenance plans - Advantage Professional: 100 free searches per year - Advantage Priority: 250 free searches per year Get involved with Product Discovery - Sign up: www.blackbaud.com/discovery05/01/2012 Footer 31 32. P R E V I E W O F T H E R E M O B I L E A P P L I C AT I O N05/01/2012 Footer32 33. BLACKBAUD NEWS: MOBILE FUNCTIONALITYData Portability - Optimized presentation of constituent information for smartphone - Up-to-date information for constituent profilesno more printing static copies - Access recent gift data - No more lugging around binders or laptops - Add constituents as Favorites for offline access - Leverage native smartphone functions like click-to-call, mapping, email, textEase of Update - Meet users where they are used to working - Add/edit notes and call reports on the roadright into the constituent record - Complete your assigned actions and add new actions Targeted Release Date: 1H1205/01/2012 Footer33 34. BLACKBAUD NEWS: MOBILE FUNCTIONALITY Prototype products you will be seeing are under development and are subject to change prior to commercial release.Targeted Release Date: 1H1205/01/2012 Footer 34 35. WHAT IS PRODUCT DISCOVERY? A partnership with you Discovery is the method used to learn about needs for product changes or enhancements Identify a product that is valuable, usable, feasible, and most importantly, enables you to spend more time on your mission Not everything in Discovery will become a coming attraction We may learn that it is not that important to you We may learn that it isnt what we thought it was How can you get involved? Sign up to be part of our product discovery sessions www.blackbaud.com/discovery05/01/2012Footer35