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Computer Graphics 2011 32 Computer Graphics 2011

C omputer Graphics 2011

Fall 2011Tom Zwarycz

Working With:Adobe Illustrator

Mac OS X

Artwork From:Complete CG 2011 Class

(c) Nov 2011

By Tom Zwarycz

Published November 2011

Contains work from Tom Zwarycz and the whole Computer Graphics Fall 2011 class at Saint Xavier University.

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Drawing With Lines

Drawing With Lines

4 Computer Graphics Weekly Computer Graphics Weekly 5

For this work, I started by filling in the background by making multiple 5s in different patterns, such as tally marks, drawing the numeral 5, and spelling five in different hues of green. I used a pen input device in the program Adobe Illus-trator. I started draw-

ing the still-life in an opposing yellow to stand out from the background. I drew the objects first by tracing out a frame, then filling the ob-jects in with thicker pen strokes. Finally, I started to practice with shading by using different variations of yellow where need-ed. The goal of this

project was to famil-iarize myself with the software and to work with different tech-niques of shading.

By Tom Zwarycz

6 Computer Graphics Weekly

Drawing With LinesComputer Graphics Class

Craft: I used long brush-strokes to build up the shape of each bottle. After building a general shape I went in and added cross hatching lines to give the shape more definition and more structure. I layered line after line. I started lay-ering with darker and lighter hues to give the objects real shape and three dimension-ality.Composition: The darker hues help define the shad-ows on each object. By creating this value contrast

Drawing With LinesComputer Graphics Class

Computer Graphics Weekly 7

between the medium tones and the darker and lighter ones the objects begin to stand out and take real shape.Concept: The concept for this piece was to take two complimentary colors and set them against each other in an effort to show the dif-ferent hues and values and how they work together and can help each other stand out.

Art and Text by Amy Duffy

CRAFT: First I opened Adobe Illustrator and began drawing a green background which is go-ing to be layer one. I used between a 5 and 10 point brush to make the back-ground full of fives. By us-ing the color guide, I used different shades of green. The shades ranged from light to dark green. Once that done, I made a new layer, started drawing vas-es using a five point brush I drew two vases. Again, using the color guide, I used different shades of orange, ranging from light to dark orange. COMPO-SITION: By using light, dark, and even opposite colors I have given my art contrast. As you can see from the pictures above,

the background is a col-laboration of green colors. Its hard to tell which green is which, but you can tell that they are green or of a greenish hue. The same goes for orange, but the third picture has an almost brownish hue to it. You can see the value in the green and orange in that the scale ranges from light to dark. CONCEPT: Now, even though both vases, in real life, are the same size, I decided to draw one slightly bigger than the other. The reason I did this was because that is how I imagined them. I also drew them so that they looked man-made. Thats the look I was go-ing for.

Art and Text by Christian Rosales

Craft: For the follow-ing images I use Adobe Illustrator. The tools for this were the paint brush, color guide (us-ing multiple forms of color) and the the brush stroke. Also a glass bot-tle and small round vase was used, and a bright light to give the objects shades.Composition: I want my audience to see the growth of my images as they develop more color and detail. I way their eyes to fall on the shades and shadows as

well as the shapes out-line. Focus on the Hues and values of the im-ages. The images were created for my computer graphics class recently and I want my growth or skills to be noticed as I try to advance my work to my best.Concept: The main fo-cus of these images are about a glass bottle and a small round vase with lots of shadows.

Art and Text by Shawnita Montgomery

8 Computer Graphics Weekly


Drawing With LinesComputer Graphics Class

Drawing With LinesComputer Graphics Class


Computer Graphics Weekly 9

Art and Text by Giovanni Diaz

Art by Jordan Juarez

Craft - The tools I used to make this drawing were Adobe Illustrator, the paint brush, and different lay-ers of color. The way I used my hand to make this drawing was by using lines to create the shapes of the drawing. Also I made the background by putting many different ways of writing five with different colors and size.

Composition - I used dif-ferent colors and sizes to not only create the back-ground, but also to cre-ate the different shapes. I also used value in this drawing, which is the re-lationship between these

objects and light. Finally I used Hue and contrast of colors, to really make this drawing pop up and cath the eyes of the viewer; ev-enthough it is ugly.

Concept - This drawing has an object that is tall and an object that is short. It also has an object that is natural and an object that is hand-made. What I want people to think when they see this drawing is a colorful drawing, with two handmade objects hold-ing twigs.

Craft:For this exercise, I used a Mac computer and the software Adobe Illustrator. I used a 12 point brush in the entire drawing with 100% opacity. Also, I used two layers for the background. The objects layer and the green back-ground layer, because it was easier for me to con-figure each layer without affecting the other layer. I used Monochromatic 2 color guide, and I used the dark orange for outline of my two objects. I used the middle orange to fill in the objects and used the light orange to render the light shadow area of the object. For the dark shadow area, I used the darkest or-ange that is closed to red. Lastly, I think I used 100% transparency in the entire exercise.

Composition:I used orange and green hue for this exercise to show the contrast but at the same time I still want the two hues to go togeth-er. I think the color orange and green is a good con-

trast, because it doesnt hurt my eye when I look at drawing and that is what I want to achieve for this exercise. Hopefully, my viewers eyes will also react the same way my eyes did. I used the light, middle and dark orange for my objects and light, medium and dark green for the background. For the background, I used different brush sizes to draw lines and to fill in the entire page.

Concept: I want my viewers to see two objects the round vase with twigs and a tall bottle with twigs too. The art-work is about how to ren-der objects on a space in an interesting manner and balance the contrast of the colors. I think the two objects complement each other, because it gives va-riety and depth. I know Im not a good in drawing or painting but I really try to make my artwork interest-ing, and I want to render it to my audience in a differ-ent manner.

Art and Text by Lovette Fernandez

Craft: to create these im-ages I used illustrator. in Illustrator I chose the brush tool and and made two layers. The first layer was made with a green pallet and its all 5s. the second (bowls) layer was made with different size brushed ranging from .25-10. The color pallet used for that was orange monochromatic 2. Composition: The hue that was used in this was green and orange because they are on op-posite side of the color spectrum. The image has

a lot of darker values on the left side of the left im-age and right side as well. where on the opposite side has a lot more lighter values. The reason the two colors were chosen were because they create a very nice contrast.Concept: the left image was a tall and wide vase that had natural lines and branches. The right side has a short more narrow vase with more lines and branches as well. both have natrual shapes to them.

Art and Text by Roxy Wasiunec

Computer Graphics Weekly 1110 Computer Graphics Weekly


Drawing With LinesComputer Graphics Class

Drawing With LinesComputer Graphics Class


Craft- this project was ment to show the different layers of light and shadow in the project. I had to use the paint brush of many sizes to accomplish that. Another important tool is the color picker and the layer guide both of which were needed. All of those components are needed to show the light and shadow.

Composition- when peo-ple look at the screen shots I want them to see the the different hues of

color. Another thing i want them to look at it the val-ues used to show the dif-ferent layers of shadow and light. Finally the con-trast can be seen when you look at the very dark area compared to the lighter orange

Concept- the concept for this art was as you can see two different man-made shapes one being tall and the other being shorter but wider.

Art and Text by Robert Furlan

A Preview OfWhats Next!

T he use of Adobe Illustrator to realistically duplicate an image along with several color variations.

Computer Graphics 2011 1312 Computer Graphics 2011

Drawing InIllustrator

In this work, I im-ported an image tak-en from my phone (Nexus One) into Adobe Illustrator. The original image can be seen above. After importing, I traced over the im-age creating boxes and other shapes that represented parts of the original

Art and Text by Tom Zwarycz

In Progress...

Final Product: