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<ol><li> 1. Compiled from; Agro Irrigation Ltd http://agroirrigation.com </li><li> 2. http://agroirrigation.com Irrigation equipment in Kenya have done a lot in the agricultural sector especially in war against food shortage. Our country has always been struggling with the issue of poverty and starvation especially in the drought hit areas. With the introduction of irrigation equipment many dry areas have been able to produce better farm produce than they had ever imagined. Dry area can now also boost of their own produce and they can also be able to feed their own local people. Apart from just feeding their own many dry counties have even been able to sell some of their produce to the neighbouring counties giving a clear indication of how the country is slowly growing improving its agricultural sector. But many would wonder how many types of irrigation equipment are found in the country. There are various types of irrigation equipment as I have stated below which are used differently according to the type of irrigation you want to perform on your farm. It is important to note that it doesnt matter if you are a small scale or a large scale farmer, irrigation equipment will cater for your needs. Types of irrigation equipment in Kenya Little giant LS15P Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Pump This irrigation pump is suitable for home gardeners since it is able to circulate a large amount of water at the same time ensuring that the garden does not flood and it is therefore very efficient. The little giant sprinkler irrigation pump also boosts water pressure around your home. </li><li> 3. http://agroirrigation.com Bur Cam 700508 Lawn Sprinkler irrigation pump This a quality pump that is less costly compared to other options. It has a volumetric flow rate of 78- 80 gallons per minute and is able to support between 16to 25 sprinkler heads and carries a design built to last. Berkely 25LTHH Centrifugal Irrigation Sprinkler Pump Centrifugal irrigation sprinkler pump is one of those higher end sprinklers with a volumetric flow rate of ninety five gallons per minute. The pump is ideal for residential home owners with extensive watering needs. The Myers QP50B Centrifugal Irrigation Sprinkler pump The Myers is more powerful than the Berkley 25LTHH centrifugal irrigation sprinkler pump. It is able to distribute water within a 178 foot radius with a lot of ease. It also has brass impellers that are less noisy compared to other pumps and they have a volumetric flow rate of 135 gallons per minute. Unhorse TH4-VC-12 Submersible deep well water pump This kind of pump operates entirely underwater because it is a deep well submersible water pump. This leads to higher efficiency thus beating all the above water pumps. They are however more expensive than the lawn sprinkler irrigation pumps and has a volumetric flow of 30 gallons per minute. </li><li> 4. http://agroirrigation.com The above farm irrigation equipment in Kenya have contributed a great deal in the growth of irrigation farming and as more people in the country continue to embrace it and see their importance, we can only hope for the best even food production. </li><li> 5. http://agroirrigation.com For more information please visit; http://agroirrigation.com </li></ol>