Turbocharging Your Digital Campaigns with Online Influencers

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<ol><li> 1. Mobilize large-scale social action and WIN on todays most important issues." Turbo-charging Your Campaigns via Online Inuencers! </li><li> 2. What youll get from this workshop! o Why inuencers are game changers! o How to identify your existing inuencers! o The 3 types of inuencers! o What motivates and inspires inuencers! o How to approach inuencers and the best calls to actions ! </li><li> 3. CHERYL // CONTEE !Affiliate of Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet &amp; Society !Campaigns &amp; Elections Influencers 50 !The Root 100 list of established and emerging Black leaders !Huffington Post Top 27 Female Founders in Tech to Follow on Twitter in 2011. !Fast Company 2010 Most Influential Women in Tech </li><li> 4. cheryl@fissionstrategy.com cheryl@attentive.ly #YesWeCode @ch3ryl7/27/15! #SGTECH | @ch3ryl! </li><li> 5. FISSION // OUR CLIENTS 7/27/15! Online Outreach! </li><li> 6. Why Social is Key to Outreach! </li><li> 7. Why Social is Key to Outreach ! Source: Georgetown 2013 Center for Social Impact Communication Digital Persuasion Study! </li><li> 8. The Amazing Network Reach of Nonprots! Average network reach ! = 40M Average number of contacts per org"with publicly available social proles = 72K (half)! </li><li> 9. Top Inuencers have Extraordinary Reach! The top 5% reaches 85% of your entire network reach!! The top 5% reaches 200x more people than in your CRM. ! </li><li> 10. A 1% response rate, or 36 respondents, reaches 336K.! A 10% response rate, or 360, would reach 3.6M! Inuencers are ! Game Changers! </li><li> 11. Inuencers are ! Game Changers! Inuencers work because they are using ! the most effective type of marketing ! Word of Mouth! </li><li> 12. Types of Inuencers" </li><li> 13. Citizen Inuencer! Motivated by passion, this is by far the largest group and the most accessible.! Examples of Citizen Inuencers:" Volunteers/Donors/Activists! Customers/Subscribers/Fans! Casual Blogger (vs paid)! </li><li> 14. Professional Inuencer! The follower base of professionals is built around their expertise, so they have real skin in the game.! Examples of Professional Inuencers:" Media/Bloggers! Partners/Afliates! Sector leaders (Founders, C-level, Exec Directors, Doctors)! </li><li> 15. VIP Inuencer! Whether were talking about social icons like Hillary Clinton, Van Jones or the latest reality show winner, VIPs/celebrities have inuence. ! This tends to be about 1% of your base. ! Examples of VIP Inuencers:" Musicians/Actors/Authors! Athletes! Movement leaders! </li><li> 16. How to Identify ! Inuencers! Reach!! </li><li> 17. Inuencers arent elusive. ! They are everywhere, including your database.! Our basic formula for Inuencers is:" + Reach (Klout + connections)! + Relevancy ! + Prior Interaction ! = Inuencer " How to Identify Inuencers! </li><li> 18. Starting an Inuencer Program! Inuencers can amplify. ! Inuencers can endorse. ! But they cant add value to your marketing campaigns without a clear direction and some way of measuring their impact. ! </li><li> 19. Engaging Inuencers! Every kind of inuencer and every campaign will need a different approach.! </li><li> 20. Engaging VIPs! </li><li> 21. Recruit or Share Content" Dont ask them to buy, donate or take action Reward their participation when appropriate Ask to recruit their friends or share content Calls to Action Mobilize to do what? </li><li> 22. Blue State Digital | Proprietary and Condential! 2 3! </li><li> 23. Blue State Digital | Proprietary and Condential! 2 4! </li><li> 24. Blue State Digital | Proprietary and Condential! 2 5! </li><li> 25. Blue State Digital | Proprietary and Condential! 2 6! </li><li> 26. A large nonprot identied 27 social media inuencers and asked them to spread the word about their event through their own social media channels. By providing them with a registration incentive code, over ve months, those inuencers recruited 105 additional participants, who raised more than $200,000. Inuencers Raise More Than $200K </li><li> 27. Rapid Inuencer ! Response! Results Record highGoogle Hangout turnoutand 74 donations! </li><li> 28. 100% Conversion! We asked our members to commit to 3 Tweets per day or 1 Facebook post per day during the campaign.! </li><li> 29. The One Campaign increased their social connects by 10,000 members and had almost 1,000 tweets for Valentines Day AID campaign. </li><li> 30. Free Inuencer Report www.attentive.ly/reach </li><li> 31. Free Inuencer Report www.attentive.ly/reach What percentage of your email list is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Your network reach and key demographics Number of connections per person on average Average Klout score of top inuencers Network reach of top inuencers Top 10 inuencers Questions? cheryl@ssionstrategy.com @ch3ryl </li></ol>