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Tune vps hosting solutions offering top windows vps hosting at affordable prices

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  • TuneVPS Hosting Solutions Offering Top Windows VPS Hosting At Affordable Prices

    TuneVPS Hosting Solutions, a reputable hosting solutions provider based in India, is offeringtop of the line yet affordably priced KVM Windows VPS hosting.Visibility in the virtual word is a necessity for businesses to outdo competition and enhancetheir long-term business prospects. However, the businesses have to be at the receiving endof frequent lapses in customer support, systems that too often do not work as intended andface reoccurrence of common server overloading by service providers. Moved by the plight ofthe clients, three system administrators for multiple UK and USA based hosting companiesjoined forces to relieve them of their misery. Thus, TuneVPS Hosting Solutions, a crediblehosting solution provider, came into existence. The year was 2013.With the intent to offer some insight into the TuneVPS Hosting Solutions, one of its executiverecently stated, We are all about reliability, industry experience and complete customersupport. That way, we are a customer centric enterprise working to relieve our valuedcustomers from the hassles that one associates with web hosting industry. Our serviceportfolio is extensive, which includes Open VZ VPS, KVM VPS, cPanel Managed VPS andDedicated Servers to mention a few. Each of our offerings comes at wallet friendly prices andcomplies with norms and standards appreciated globally.Of late, TuneVPS Hosting Solutions is making waves for all the right reasons. In its bid to be aglobally acclaimed enterprise, the hosting solutions provider has expanded its data centers toLos Angeles. The new state of the art data center facility is currently offering up to 2GbpsDDoS-Shield On-Premise Mitigation free. Additionally, TuneVPS Hosting Solutions hasrecently launched weekly backups for all OpenVZ servers using industry leading R1softServer Backup Manager, which will allow its clients a better experience.Shedding some light on the Microsoft Windows VPS hosting services on offer, the executivefurther stated, We take pride in offering the latest Microsoft Windows versions, 2008 and2012, for hosting Windows remotely online in the cloud. We invite the client to accelerate hisbusiness by running his Windows applications and software on our fast enterprise serversand see the difference. With Remote Desktop application, we allow the client to work fromany location and at the time of his preference. Full administrator control, RAID-10 disk storageand 24x7 technical supports come by default with our offering.

    Microsoft Windows VPS hosting offered by TuneVPS Hosting Solutions works with KVMvirtualization, regarded as the most advanced virtualization available currently. Offeringexcellent uptime and predictable performance, KVM is increasingly finding favor with top ofthe line VPS and cloud providers of late. The coveted virtualization allows the client to run anyoperating system, be it OS families including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris/Open Solaris,or BSD. One can mount his own custom ISO images. All deliverables at TuneVPS HostingSolutions come at reasonable prices and Microsoft Windows VPS hosting is no exception

  • either. Additionally, TuneVPS Hosting Solutions has proven credentials in Windows VPSHosting.

    About TuneVPS Hosting Solutions:A vision of three endowed system administrators with extensive experience, TuneVPSHosting Solutions is a hosting solution provider with a difference. Whether one is looking forOpen VZ VPS, affordable KVM Windows VPS, cPanel Managed VPS or Dedicated Servers,TuneVPS Hosting Solutions is an ideal destination for him.



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