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  • 1.Using the Web Template System Aaron Knoll [email_address] (716) 878-6657 Web Application Developer College Relations

2. Why use templates?

  • Theyre quick.
  • A standards compliant Web site is built for you.
  • Templates allow you to concentrate on content, not development.
  • Accurate program information is automatically delivered and updated to your Web site.

3. What do the templates look like?

  • Six designs for departments
  • Four designs for offices

4. Department Designs 5. Gray Grid 6. Orange Stripes 7. Orbital Orange 8. Stop and Go 9. Colored Boxes 10. O Squares 11. Office Designs 12. Angling Orange 13. Classic White 14. Swirly Purple 15. Orange Lion 16. Theres more to templates

  • Google will automatically index your site as it is created. New results are added daily.
  • Your sites address will be short and sweet:
  • Visitors to your old site will be automatically forwarded to your new template site.

17. Site Statistics (Urchin)

  • Contact Aaron Knoll to have your sites statistics turned on.
  • Statistics are compiled daily
  • Can keep several years
  • of data
  • Urchin training available
  • monthly. Contact
  • Aaron Knoll (x 6657)

18. Site Photographs

  • Each site comes pre-configured with several hundred photos of campus buildings, students, and campus activities
  • Include your departments own photos by contacting:
      • Sue Zilliox,
      • [email_address]

19. Updating your template

  • Buffalo State College uses Ingenuix

20. Running Ingenuix

  • PC users:
    • Youll need a computer with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
    • Windows 98, 2000, or XP
    • Internet access
    • NT credentials (BSC Logon)
  • Mac users:
    • Youll need a system with Safari 1.0 or higher
    • Macintosh OSX 10.2 or higher;
    • a small downloadable client (that runs the editing interface)
    • Internet access
    • NT credentials (BSC Logon)

21. Running Ingenuix

  • Requires a small software download the first time you use it. This software cannot be downloaded in a public computer lab.
  • Ingeniux should be used through Internet Explorer- it will not run using Firefox or Netscape as your browser.

22. Template support

  • General support:College Relations
  • Content and maintenance support for academic department templates:College Relations
  • Urchin and site statistics:College Relations
  • Hardware, O/S upgrades, browser software, Internet access, or NT accounts, please contact theComputing Support Centerat 878-HELP

23. Template Support

  • All training content, as well as additional resources available on the College Relations Web site:

24. Accessing Ingenuix

  • Open up a browser window in Internet Explorer, and go to the following path:
  • In dialog box, enter:
  • bsclogonNTusername
  • NT password