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In April's edition we explored the latest innovations in the field of "Road and Traffic Technology". Explore these Ten apps that originate from different countries, many of which coming from developing countries, such as an Anit-bribery app from India, a crowd-sourced map from Bangladesh. As we always try to have a Middle East focus, check out five innovations from the region. These

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  • 1.10 things you should know about Road and Travel Apps April, 2014

2. The Social Impact Department at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR) established Rassed, a program that aims to study the effects of the Internet and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) on society; and the potential of emerging digital technologies. We produce quarterly Digital Digest of recent market developments and a monthly Top 10 on a particular theme. This month we look at road and travel apps. Read on for 10 examples of interesting innovations we wanted to share with you. About Rassed 3. Masarak: Qatars traffic monitoring and navigation app Source: Hundreds of sensors attached to lampposts pick up signals emitted by Bluetooth devices inside passing vehicles to provide information about traffic congestion. 4. Bey2ollak: A community-based traffic information service Source: Bey2ollak, is a mobile app, using crowd-sourcing and social interaction to exchange information about traffic. 1 million registered users 30,000 requests per minute 250k Facebook fans 119k twitter followers 5. Dhakas first bus map was crowd-sourced Source: Image: Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, has over 5 million bus users a day, but no bus map. Volunteers crowd-sourced 270 bus routes to produce the citys first route-map. 6. Beliaa, a mobile mechanic Source: Beliaa, is an Arabic mobile app which offers roadside assistance by using your GPS location to find the nearest breakdown center. 7. Salamtek: Drivers Anti- Distraction App Source: This app locks a cell phone, when it detects that a car is traveling above a certain speed. It also sends a message to callers that the phones user is driving. 8. The first shake-a-taxi app Source: Image: When shaking your phone, the installed app uses GPS functionality to look for - and contact the nearest available taxis. 9. Limiting traffic police bribes Source: Image: The Traffic Fines India app keeps users informed about their traffic fines without having to be online. 10. Ma3Route, a Kenyan solution to traffic congestion Source: Using Twitter, Ma3Route sends subscribers traffic feeds on specified routes to let them know what the traffic is like. 11. Touch and Travel: towards paperless tickets Source: This app lets German commuters book and pay for railway and bus tickets online, by showing a barcode to ticket inspectors. 12. Ubisafe: Keep track of your car by using your phone Source: UbiSafe (mobile software + UbiSafe Box) turns smartphones into a satellite-tracking device to locate vehicles on a map in real time. 13. Disclaimer: All content in these slides is in the public domain and referenced so that you can read the original sources. Contact Us: Twitter: @ictqatar Thanks for reading Visit our SlideShare channel for previous issues and our quarterly Digital Digest: