Top IT Certifications for Beginners (Slides)

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DESCRIPTION SUMMARY SLIDES: What are the top IT certifications for beginners? This article suggests some options. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc. SP Home Run is a registered trademark of SP Home Run Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.


  • 1. Top IT Certifications for Beginners Courtesy of the Small Business Computer Consulting Blog
  • 2. Sponsored by The Article Suggests Three Certifications That Are Relatively Straightforward
  • 3. Sponsored by And Mark a Good Transitional Path For Skilled Enthusiasts
  • 4. Sponsored by CompTIA A+
  • 5. Sponsored by The A+ Certification Proves Your Competence in the Hardware,
  • 6. Sponsored by Software, and Networking Functionality of Modern PCs
  • 7. Sponsored by It Also Touches on the Basics of Mobile Operating Systems
  • 8. Sponsored by MCTS Windows7 Configuration (70-680)
  • 9. Sponsored by Proving Your Credentials in Supporting It On the Desktop
  • 10. Sponsored by Is the Perfect Initial Microsoft Accreditation To Aim For
  • 11. Sponsored by MCTS Windows Small Business Server 2011 Configuration (70-169)
  • 12. Sponsored by If You Plan To Provide IT Support To Small Businesses,
  • 13. Sponsored by This is a Certification That Deserves Your Attention
  • 14. Sponsored by What Would You Consider To Be the Top IT Certifications For Beginners?
  • 15. Sponsored by Share Your Views in the Comments Section Below
  • 16. Recommended Reading: Top 21 IT Certifications for Small Business VARs, SPs, and Computer Consulting Businesses Download this Free Special Report Now at ITCertsGuide.comCopyright SP Home Run Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.SP Home Run is a registered trademark of SP Home Run Inc.


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