Top educational apps for the i pad

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2. Top Educational Apps ForThe iPadWednesday, 1 August 12 3. 1# TED (Conference)Wednesday, 1 August 12 4. 1#TED (Conference) The TED conference has gained a reputation for staging thought- provoking presentations by some of the worlds most renowned thinkers, leaders and artists. This free app collects more than 700 of those talks into one well-designed video appWednesday, 1 August 12 5. 2# Shakespeare In BitsWednesday, 1 August 12 6. 2# Shakespeare In Bits Learning Shakespeare can be a challenge and its often useful to have a study guide to help you through. Shakespeare in Bits takes the idea of a traditional study guide further by supplementing the study notes with a three-hour animation of the play and audio featuring actors Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale.Wednesday, 1 August 12 7. 3# British Library Treasures HDWednesday, 1 August 12 8. 3# British Library Treasures HD Explore more than 100 highlights from the British Museums collections in this vast app. There are scientic documents, musical scores and plenty of multimedia. If you cant visit the museum itself, then this is a good alternative.Wednesday, 1 August 12 9. 4# Virtual History RomaWednesday, 1 August 12 10. 4# Virtual History Roma Travel to ancient Rome with this virtual history app that contains interactive 3D recreations of buildings and monuments. There are also models of Roman soldiers and weapons as well as maps and plenty of information about Roman achievements and culture.Wednesday, 1 August 12 11. 5# Course NotesWednesday, 1 August 12 12. 5#Course Notes Students will nd this app ideal for collating and managing their course notes. The app makes it simple to organise notes by subject and class and very easy to share them with fellow students, whether by email or Facebook.Wednesday, 1 August 12 13. To find a great deal on an iPad please visit... iPads On ContractVisit SiteWednesday, 1 August 12