Top 5 i pad apps for business

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These are Top 5 iPad Apps for Business Users. iPad users, what apps have you found useful for small business? Let us know.


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2. Contents Top 5 iPad Apps for Business - GoodReader Top 5 iPad Apps for Business - Things Top 5 iPad Apps for Business - Bento Top 5 iPad Apps for Business - iWork Top 5 iPad Apps for Business - 3. GoodReaderGoodReader is the best PDF reader for the iPhone, and theiPad version is even better than the iPhone version. Whatmakes GoodReader special is that it can not only view localfiles (and you can transfer files to it from iTunes), includingPDF, Word, Excel, PNG, TXT, JPEG and more, but you candownload files from a URL or connect to a web server. 4. ThingsCultured Codes Things is easily one of the top task managersfor Mac OS X. The iPad version is much more similar to itsdesktop counterpart than it is to the iPhone version (hence thelarger price), but for small business users who are already partof the Things ecosystem, its a delight to use. 5. BentoFileMakers Bento is a database app for business users whowant to have a powerful database system, but dont want tohave to deal with the complex database syntax. For Mac users,Bento integrates so well with iLife and iWork it might as wellbe called iData. 6. iWorkApple really took its time in developing the iWork apps foriPad, making sure that the productivity system would be easyand intuitive. You can create new documents or open upexisting document types (if they arent native iWork files youwill have to convert them, this can take a few momentsdepending on file size). 7. has updated from its iPhone version to the iPadversion and it becomes a iPad app for bussion user. You canview all of your files, view activities, leave comments andmore. In the future the ability to open files with otherprograms and integrate with other services will be isnt at full speed yet, but its a great start. 8. LOGOVideo Converter for ipadStudio SEE YOU LATER