Top 5 ethical hacking institutes in pune

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  • 1. Top 5 Ethical hacking institutes in Pune

2. About Ethical Hacking in Pune:- Ethical hacker training workshops are, no doubt held keeping in mind the end goal to redesign IT experts in counter striking false hacking endeavors. The experts are stayed up to date with the most recent advancement in the security systems against digital wrongdoings. Pune is the educational hub of south west part of India. It plays an important role in Indian education system as most of the important defense academies are situated in Pune. 3. Moreover it is also an epicenter of IT industries. Ethical hacking has become an important part in IT industry. So every organization in Pune gives opportunity for the ethical hackers to work for them. That is why there are many institutes which provided proper training and certification course for ethical hacking. 4. Top 5 ethical hacking institutes in Pune:- 1. Aryan Tech 2. TECHNOCORP- Solution Pvt. Ltd. 3. SYSAP technologies 4. Arizona InfoTech 5. NETCONCLAVE Systems 5. 1. Aryan Tech Aryan Technologies consistently gives training inside the accompanying authority ranges Cisco, Microsoft. They comprehend that to train on the right topologies in engineering obliges the right people, and we have overall specific team of experts who give training, undertaking execution and backing. They are the most reputed institute which gives excellent training for different course for ethical hacking in Pune. Aryan Technologies Courses offered:- ETH- Ethical Hacking RHCE- Red Hat Certified Engineer Address:- ARYAN TECHNOLOGIES 303, Pinnacle Pride, Near Hotel Durvankur, Above Maharashtra Electronics, Tilak Road, Pune Phone:- 9975960000 Website:- http-// 6. 2. TECHNOCORP- Solution Pvt. Ltd. TECHNOCORP Solution Pvt. Ltd. was dispatched with a mission to coddle Corporate Clients and Retail scholars for their needs of Training & Placement. TECHNOCORP is simply administration based organization having the solid craving of customer fulfilment. The organization administration has more than 12 yrs. of experience. The administration group majorly comprises of new era technocrats. They have been appreciated by numerous corporate customers for giving proper guidance in ethical hacking. 7. Courses Offered:- They mainly provide ethical hacking course in different levels which are discussed below Level 1- Introduction to Ethical Hacking Level 2-Foot-printing Level 3-Scanning Level 4-Enumeration Level 5-System Hacking Level 6-Trojans and Back-doors Level 7-Sniffers Level 8-Denial of Service Level 9-Social Engineering Level 10-Session Hijacking Level 11-Hacking Web servers Level 12-Web Application Vulnerabilities Level 13-Web based Password Cracking Techniques Level 14-SQL Injection Level 15-Hacking Wireless Networks Level 16-Viruses and Worms Level 17-Linux Hacking Level 18-Evading IDS Firewall and Honey pot Level 19-Buffer Overflows Level 20-Cryptography Level21-Physical Security Level122-Penetration Testing 8. Address:- 310, Kamla Arcade, 1204, Shivajinagar, J.M. Road, Balgandharv Chowk, Pune 411004. Phone:- 410076005 Website:- http-// 9. 3. SYSAP technologies:- SYSAP Technologies is a dedicated and decently perceived supplier of Training & results in the field of IT Security and Ethical Hacking. Their fundamental Activity is giving high end training in Information Security, Ethical hacking and got aptitude in blanket Black Hat level subjects like adventure advancement, figuring out, and penetration testing. They likewise conduct research in field of IT security and Ethical Hacking. 10. Courses offered:- Level 01- Introduction Level 02- Hacking Laws Level 03- Foot-printing Level 04- Google Hacking Level 05- Scanning Level 06- Enumeration Level 07- System Hacking Level 08- Trojans and Back-doors Level 09- Viruses and Worms Level 10- Sniffers Level 11- Social Engineering Level 12- Phishing Level 13- Hacking Email Accounts Level 14- Denial of Service Level 15- Session Hijacking Level 16- Hacking Web Servers Level 17- Web Application Vulnerabilities Level 18- based Password Cracking Techniques Level 19- Injection Level 20- Hacking Wireless Networks Level 21- Physical Security Level 22- Linux Hacking Level 23- Evading IDS Firewall, Honey pot Level 24- Buffer Overflows Level 25- Cryptography Level 26- Penetration Testing Level 27- Convert Hacking Level 28- Writing Virus Codes 11. Level 29- Assembly Language Tutorial Level 30- Exploit Writing Level 31- Smashing the stack for Fun and Profit Level 32- Windows Based Buffer Overflow Exploit Writing Level 33- Reverse Engineering Level 34- MAC OS X Hacking Level 35- Hacking Routers, Cable Modems and Firewalls Level 36- Hacking Mobile Phones, PDA and Devices Level 37- Bluetooth Hacking Level 38- VoIP Hacking Level 39- RFID Hacking Level 40- Spamming Level 41- Hacking USB Devices Level 53- Hacking Web Browsers Level 54- Proxy Server Technologies Level 55- Preventing Data Loss Level 56- Hacking Global Positioning System Level 57- Computer Forensics and Incident Handling Level 58- Credit Card Frauds Level 59- How to Steal Passwords Level 60- Firewall Technologies Level 61- Threats and Countermeasures Level 62- Case Studies 12. Address:- SM Tower 3rd floor, Above Jijamata shahkari bank pune411052 Phone:- 9766543771, 7620804771 Website 13. 4. Arizona InfoTech:- Arizona InfoTech situated in Pune, India is a leading supplier of IT Security Training and Services partnerships and yearning Cyber Professionals. Arizona Info tech is headed by heading IT Security Professional and Trainers with generally prepared state-of-the-workmanship training labs. Guaranteed teachers to bestow the aptitudes required to secure ones system in an inexorably associated world. Arizona Infotech Courses Offered:- Ethical Hacking and Countermeasure Address:- A 9, 3rd Floor, Madhav Chambers, Near Cognizant, Opp. Dominos Pizza, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411016 Phone:- (+91) 937-000-1100 Website:- 14. 5. NETCONCLAVE Systems NETCONCLAVE Systems is 9+ years of age organization headquartered at Pune. We give debut Information Security Consultancy & Training Services over the globe. We help associations deal with their dangers and secure their foundation by breaking down, outlining and actualizing the best security process. Courses Offered:- CEH V8 ETH Address:- #46, Lane 6, Shahu Colony, Near Cummins Engineering College, Karve Nagar, Pune 411 053 Phone No: +91-9890925750 Website:- 15. This research has been conducted by to find Top 5 ethical hacking institutes in Pune on 31st May 2014, but we suggest all students, parents and stake holders to confirm about best institute. As by the time you would like to take admission, management or teachers of institute would have changed. You can verify by mailing us at