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  • Top 3 Android Kids Learning Apps The age of smartphone users is getting progressively more youthful. I'm sure you've seen your baby discovering his or her way to your smartphone. The catches, the brilliant screen, and fun graphics all are extremely welcoming to little creative impulses. Add baby centered applications to the condition, and they are stuck! Luckily designers are in that spot with you with a few recreations that educate your tyke, and are protected, as well as keep them engaged! These 3 applications will keep kids of all ages peaceful and delighted.

    1. Kids Fun Reading It's not easy to teach your kids with book nowadays. Usually they hate to learn from it. This app will help your kids to read new words and they will love to read this. In this app all words are covered from daily home activities. Kids will learn how to speak words and sentences about the living room, kitchen,bathroom and all areas of your home. If you want to introduce new words and sentences to your kids then this app surely helps you.

    This app featured with large pictures which help kids to recognize objects in home. This app allows kids to record their own voice to listen themselves, so they can improve themselves. Download it here:

  • 2. Kids Speak English This is almost same as above app, in this kids will learn new words and sentences which we use in our daily life communication. Kids will easily learn english words with images and their meaning. This also helps them to remember words and sentences as their mind responds very fast to visual.

    By using this app kids exercise with spellings and how to spell the words. This includes visual meaning of words with audio sentence and standard pronunciation. Download it here:

    3. Kids Education Words Kids Education Words let learn your kids new words in fun way. This app includes various games about reading and writing spellings of images of vehicles, fruits, animals and many more. In this way we can improve kids memory to remember words and their spellings.

  • This app featured with colorful and live graphic. Kids have to identify the picture and write their spellings. This includes hundreds of different images and words. Download it here: