Top 19 Tech Blogs in 2015

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19 Best Tech Blogs [2015]**Ranked according to Alexa rank on 23 Aug 2015**

Gadgets.NDTV.comThis website has an Alexa Global rank of 247. Receives about 2 Million Unique visitors and content updates 3 4 times daily which is incredible if you want to stay updated with every single news on the Internet about Tech.

The VergeYou might have heard about this website. This let you stay updated with latest tech news instantly and has an Alexa global rank of 428. There is much more news of the internet on The Verge including Tech and other categories like science, cars, review etc.WiredWired has an Alexa Global Rank of just 617 has news about Tech, Hacking, science and much more to offer. Its very popular website with more than 1.7 Million likes on FB and 1 Million daily unique visitors.

Tech RadarThere are chances that you have already visited this website because this website receives about half million unique visitors daily and about 5 million page views daily. It has an Alexa Global Rank of 790 and provides great information related to Tech.Android CentralThis website has more Reviews and Unboxing than How tos, but its worth checking it out. Android Central has an Alexa Global Rank of 825 and gives review about almost every popular Android phone in the market.

PCWorldYou definatly need to check this awesome website. It provides you with new Tips and Tricks and How tos on Tech Stuff. It also reviews awesome products. And Post a lot about Windows because they are expert at this thing. PCWorld has an Alexa World rank of 1125.TheNextWebThis website provides you more information than you need. Sounds funny, but true. I not only provides you information (news) on Tech but also on many other things apps, gear, money, photography, launch, etc. All directly or indirectly related to Tech. Would be fun checking this Webiste. :DTheNextWeb has an Alexa Global Rank of 1300. ZDNetZDNet always makes my day. Has a lot of great information and provide valuable information to everyone. Not just writing bad posts just to earn money. Has a very nice Interface with an Alexa Global Rank of 1580.The RegisterThe Register is a very old website and posts about Tech/Sci. It posts around 8 articles on daily basis. This website has an Alexa Global Rank of 3182. Extreme TechAs the name suggest, It provides you Extreme Tech. :P Extreme Tech has an Alexa Global Rank of 4527. As other websites, provide you great content and update the sites content several times a day.TechnoBuffaloTechnoBuffalo provides you very unique news. This website does not focuses on How to content, but that really doesnt matter because it provide great content. It also offers some great deals. You can get those deals by heading over to TechnoBuffalo.

Alexa Global Rank of TechnoBuffalo is 5506.

DroidLifeDroid-Life has a very nice theme and is a very awesome looking website to visit. It provides Android news and review of some products. It does awesome job and thats the reason of it holding an Alexa Global rank of just 7770. It has same Deals as TechnoBuffalo, so you check deals from any one of these sites. Here is a link to Droidlifes Deals.FossBytesThis website is just a year old, but the growth of the website it incredible. It provides you articles on almost any topic related to Tech. They have news, how tos, tips and tricks and a lot more. FossBytes is a must check website. It has an Alexa Global Rank of just 7816 which is awesome as they created this website about a year ago.

All Tech BuzzAll Tech Buzz is a very old and great Tech website. This website posts some very different How tos, some old and amazing tricks, and also some great Tips and Tricks about various things related to Tech. It has an Alexa Global Rank of 8345.All Tech TricksThe Alexa Global Rank of AllTechTricks.Org is 26,698. As the name suggests, it posts about Tricks from all over the internet. Its a very nice website to find some great Tips and Tricks and some How tos.

QD TricksQD Tricks is not that famous websites like others. Still it provides great, evergreen content that anyone can love the website. It post about once a day or sometimes twice a day, but the content is always great. It holds an Alexa Global Rank of 89217.Tech NotificationThis website notifies you of every new Tech things by posting new blog post on their website on regular basis. Not like other websites that only posts how tos and tips and tricks, it posts more than that. It may show you whats new in the market, hacking news, new phone launch, etc.It holds an Alexa Global Rank of 187178.

Tech GoogleRecently I noticed this website. It provides a lot of quality content but not regularly. It does not posts content regularly (Thats the reason, its on #18. Alexa rank is also a reason). The content is nice, fun reading and you wont get bore while reading articles. Tech & FilmmakingThis website is INCREDIBLE. It should have been on #1 but its not because currently its on its starting level. Soon it would be. It provides great quality content to users always. Without any Delay, Once a Week (Atleast. Somethings 7 articles a week. :P) but it provides awesome and valuable information. A must visit website. Stay updated with the unique content of #Tech&Filmmaking by entering your email address below and liking their facebook page here. More info on their website. :D :P

These were the 19 Best Tech Blogs in 2015. I know there are many blogs that I might have missed. Tell me below, which are the websites which I forgot to mention. Stay tuned with our website as more awesome and unique content coming out soon. Below are the links, which might help you to stay tuned always!!!

** Visit Every website listed above and tell me which one was your favourite. **