Top 10 Cloud Computing Blogs

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The best way to stay up-to-date with a particular industry or topic is to read from the best blogs. Here are our top ten.


<ul><li> 1. Top 10 Cloud Computing Blogs<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Industry Thought Leadership<br />Best way to stay up-to-date on any industry or topic is to read and learn from the best<br /> 3.<br />Great resource for cloud-based commentary &amp; analysis on cloud computing and SaaS<br />Insightful thought leadership on the cloud industry<br /> 4.<br />Enterprise-focused subset of TechCrunch<br />Profiles new tech products &amp; companies in the enterprise tech space<br />Promotes emerging and existing enterprise technologies, then analyzes their impacts on a commercial, social &amp; consumer level<br /> 5.<br />Helps readers find and understand new technologies<br />They speak in general terms about highly technical information and dont throw jargon and acronyms at you<br /> 6.<br />Run by Geva Perry, a software executive, cloud computing blogger and advisor to companies in enterprise-based software and cloud computing<br />Provides excellent feedback on new technologies, cloud trends and technology analysis<br /> 7.<br />Their Latest News section reports on up-to-date cloud computing trends, developments and announcements<br />Learn from experts on cloud implementation &amp; companies excelling in this space<br /> 8.<br />Focuses on data integration as an on-demand service, including:<br />SaaS data integration<br />Cloud integration<br />Integration as a service<br />Data quality<br /> 9. Perspectives on Cloud Computing<br /><br />Strategies to build and deploy applications to the cloud<br />Many businesses are faced with this issue; this blog helps companies understand cloud integration<br /> 10.<br />Subset of CNET News<br />Discusses application servers, mobile trends, code, PCs and databases<br />A little bit of everything all in one concise blog<br /> 11.<br />Centralized hub of all things cloud-related<br />Compilation of top news, blog posts on the cloud, whitepapers, events and conferences<br /> 12. Cloud Computing blogs RSS<br />Blog RSS<br />Syndicated list of all cloud computing-related blogs. Ideal if you want to continue your search to find more blogs associated with cloud computing. <br /> 13. The Backupify Blog<br />Feel free to check out the Backupify blog as well<br />Cloud trends, emerging services, Google Apps, social media developments, cloud backup<br /></p>