Top 10 best android apps for 2015

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<ol><li> 1. Top 10 Best Android Apps For 2015 </li><li> 2. Android app's are A mobile software application developed for use on devices powered by Google's Android platform. Android apps are available in the Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore and on various Android App- focused sites, and the apps can run on Android smartphones, tablets, Google TV and other devices. </li><li> 3. 1.Periscope Periscope, Twitters live streaming video app, launched on Android two months after it launched on iOS. Periscope lets users broadcast in real time to their followers. When a broadcast is over, you can make it so viewers can watch the video up to 24 hours later. </li><li> 4. 2.MixRadio MixRadio, the radio music service that Microsoft sold to the messaging app, Line, was only on Windows Phone, but it is now available for iOS and Android. The music service features a 35 million track catalog and comes with 10,000 pre-made playlists. </li><li> 5. 3.Google Inbox Googles Inbox email service is now open to everyone without an invitation. Inbox brings a new trip bundle feature, which groups emails based on your travel plans. Theres also an Undo Send feature, so you can take back an email after sending it-just in case you spotted a mistake. </li><li> 6. 4.Layout Instagrams photo collage app Layout is now available on Android after launching on iOS back in March. Layout for Android allows users to combine multiple pictures from their camera roll and bring them together to create a collage. The app also lets users edit photos in the app, and duplicate photos if needed. Then, you can share your creations on Instagram. </li><li> 7. 5.Facebook Lite Facebook released a new Android app, Facebook Lite, which works well across all network conditions. Facebook Lite for Android includes experiences like News Feed, status updates, photos, and notifications. Facebook Lite is less than 1MB, so everything loads quickly. </li><li> 8. 6.Tumblr Tumblr allows users to post multimedia and other content in a short-form blog. Tumblr also gives users the ability to follow other users blogs, as well as make their Tumblr blogs private.Tumblr recently launched a GIF Search engine, but its currently only available on the web, but will be available for Android and iOS soon. </li><li> 9. 7.SwiftKey The popular replacement keyboard app, Swiftkey, rolled out a new update this week, which includes a new default theme called Carbon, which replaces Nickel as the default theme for Android users. Swiftkey also supports 22 Indian languages </li><li> 10. 8.Google Photos Google officially announced its new photo- sharing service, Google Photos, at its I/O developer conference in San Francisco. With Google Photos, users can backup unlimited photos and videos to Googles cloud for free. The app lets users sort their photos by day, or even scroll through the months or years. Google Photos will back up photos and videos automatically from your device, so you dont have to worry about deleting photos to make space. </li><li> 11. 9.Funny or Die The Funny or Die app serves up a fresh helping of new comedy videos every single day. It also shows you whats trending right now, allows you to search for specific clips, and includes an archive of the most popular Funny or Die videos. </li><li> 12. 10.Twitch Twitch is a video platform and community where gamers can interact and watch the games they love. Twitch recently announced that its Android application now supports video on demand content, a feature many fans have requested for the service. Users can also access highlights and broadcasts from all Twitch partners. </li><li> 13. </li></ol>