Tony Parisi (VP Platform, Wevr) The Immersive Web

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  • The Immersive Web

    Tony ParisiJune 2, 2016

  • About me

    get GLAM


    creds Co-creator, VRML and X3D Designer and Spec Editor, glTF

    get the books! Learning Virtual Reality Programming 3D Applications with HTML and WebGL WebGL: Up and Running

    Tony Parisi is VP of Web and Open Technologies at Wevr +1 (415) 902 8002 @auradeluxe


  • The Next Platform VR and AR will become the predominant way that we work, play, transact and communicate using digital technologies. Billions invested

    2020 market projections range from $14B to $120B

  • Q: How do VR and AR reach 5B users by 2020? A: Not one app at a time.

  • Friction Downloads/installs Controlled distribution Limited business models Silo experiences Proprietary development Closed culture Experts only

  • The Metaverse is too big of an idea

    for an app store.


    The World Wide Web No downloads - no friction Instant sharing - post a link Freedom of choice - no gatekeepers Culture of collaboration Instant publishing Runs everywhere

  • Q: But didnt mobile kill the web?

    Superapplications your everyday mobile apps are

    based on web tech and standard formats

    A: Nope; just merged with it and made it bigger.


    mobile browsers are now fast, fun and feature-rich

  • The Web Eats Everything in Its Path

    Graphics Animation Location Motion Input Real-Time 3D

    Camera Messaging Real-Time Messaging IOT/Wearables Robotics

  • There are 3 million mobile apps.

    There are 1 BILLION web sites.

  • No Friction

    See link, clink link, go Shareable, searchable, discoverable

  • Web Scale Advertising Digital marketing E-commerce Social media Long tail content and apps

  • Total Immersion


    Browse and communicate in 3D

    Endless information within our grasp

    The ultimate dope for a dopamine culture

  • Built on Standards Universal playback engine aka VR browser Standard formats and APIs for 3D graphics and 360 VR video

    Free, open source tools Collaborative effort

  • The 3D Rendering Standard

    Runs on all desktop and mobile browsers

    3B seats!

  • Cardboard VR and Mobile Browsers

    Works today. Just render side-by-side using WebGL and pop it into a Carboard viewer.

  • WebVR

    Quake 3 WebVR demo, developed by Brandon Jones of Google

    Multi-vendor effort to define new browser API and features

    Head tracking and fullscreen stereo VR mode

    Desktop and mobile

  • WebVR Development Status

    Developer builds of Chrome, Firefox (desktop and mobile) Samsung Internet browser for Gear VR! WebVR 1.0 API - preliminary spec W3C Community Group

  • The WebVR Ecosystem

    Frameworks JavaScript libraries

    Markup systems Polyfills

    Formats The JPEG of 3D

    Tools Unity, Unreal export

    Browser-based VR creation

  • One Platform. Billions of Seats. No Barriers.

  • The Immersive Web

    Tony ParisiJune 2, 2016