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  • 1. Tips to Promote YourBusiness Via Facebook Page
  • 2. Either you are an Internet Marketer or simply a user if you noticed; Facebook isthe only social network that grows rapidly. People on Facebook always keepwatching for an interesting stuff posted by others by subscribing various Facebookpages according to their interests. As every business organization has its Facebookpages that they use for their business purposes.So, till if you havent create a Facebook page to make an online presence over web.As Facebook pages not only derives traffic to websites but if you utilized themeffectively it generates loads of monetize for your business and after creatingFacebook page, the real work begins which is getting likes for your pages.To accomplish this, you need to do few things like : -
  • 3. Informative ContentFor every user, most necessary thing is content and it must be informative thatfills the users desired query completely. Post anything on Facebook pagesshould be informative. Promote business services Todays people mostly active on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and so on. Thats why every business entrepreneur wants to promote his business online. So, Facebook pages are best platform to promote your business services.
  • 4. Regularly with relevant postsAny type of business you have need to maintain regularity with your posts onsocial network and should be relevant means completely related to yourbusiness to make your audience awake about your presence. Join groups and communities Communities contain lots of people in one according to their interest. So, its a best way to promote business in groups or communities that are best and had lots of good gathering . And do check that group has active users as well.
  • 5. ContestsOn Facebook pages, to grab the user attention make some plans and start someinteresting applications or contests time-by-time so that people take interest. Asif they found interesting, they called their friends and collegues to participate aswell to win. Ads CampaignIf you noticed, when you are surfing your profile on Facebook or any othersocial network there are some small ads are flickered with some attractivepictures so that people clicks onto ad and visit the destination URL. These adsare run according to country specific, age limit, interests and some otherfactors. Thats why I suggest you to run Ads campaign which is most helpingfactor while promotion.
  • 6. Email ListWhenever anyone establish his business, there are so many contacts he made.After creating Facebook page for your business build an email list of people thatis in your business and invite them to join your page. Offers some exciting benefits If you want to convert your fans into terms of mouth promoters(sellers), offers some benefits like what is special in your product, how it is different with others, gave some discounts, no shipping charges etc. for you to promote you among others.
  • 7. RewardWhen you run any contest s or anything like that need to gave some excitingrewards to the winning user. If reward is attractive and useful, more peoplewish to steal it and when more people reach you and take participate it makemore business growth automatically. Use info graphicsNobodys want to read long text today and if you want to get user attention todepict yourself use graphics. Info graphics is a way to convey message throughgraphics instead of boring and lengthy text.
  • 8. Stay activeWhen user gets updates after liking your business page, surely he has somequestions so be active all the time and do reply to the frequently ask questionsby users on fan page. TaggingIf you really wants someone to remember you, tag them in your posts. But onething always kept in mind, dont do this again and again frequently assometimes it reflects you badly and user got fed up and unlike the Fan pagethats make you in trouble.
  • 9. AchievementsWhenever you achieved something in your business journey or start somethingnew, share these things with your users and also ask them to drop there reviewstowards it.
  • 10. Thank you!!!