Thoroughly Recover Pictures Deleted from Android Phones

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Is there a solution to recover deleted or lost pictures from Android phones? Sure! You can easily get your pictures back with the help from Android Photo Recovery, as long as your card is not physically damaged.


<ul><li> 1. Thoroughly Recover Pictures Deletedfrom Android PhonesAll rights reserved</li></ul> <p> 2. People love to use Android phones to take photos instead ofcameras because the small gadget is convenient for takingalong. However, it is always not careful enough to take care ofthese photos. They may be lost due to accidental deletion, SDcard formatting, virus infection and other human or nonhumanerrors. If you have unfortunately lost your photos from yourAndroid phones, is it possible to recover them back? Sure! Wewill show you how to recover deleted or lost photos from anAndroid phone without any quality loss. You need the help of an Android photo recovery. iPubsoft Data Recovery or iPubsoft Data Recovery for Mac issuch a tool that completely supports recovering photos, videos,songs, SMS, etc. from Android Phones and other devices likecomputer, camera, external hard drive, USB drive,iPad/iPhone/iPod and more. You can get the free trial versionof the program to experience its functions. 3. Note:StopusingyourAndroidphonetotakephotoonceyoufoundthepictureswerelost.Nosoftwarecanbehelpfulifthelostdatahasbeenoverwrittenbynewdata. How to Recover Lost/Deleted Photos from Android Phone? FollowingistheguideonhowtooperatethisAndroidImageRecoveryonWindowscomputer.MacuserscandothesimilarstepsbydownloadingtheMacversion. 4. Step 1: Run the program and connect your Android phone Install and launch the program on your computer. Youll getthe interface as follow. Connect your Android phone with thecomputer via the USB cable. Step 2: Scan for your Android phone The program will detect your phone and youll see it on theinterface of the software. Click the "Scan" button to performthe scanning for the deleted files. When the scan finishes, allfound files will be listed here. You can preview them andchoose the images that you want to recover. Step 3: Begin to recover images from Android phone Mark the pictures you need and then click the big button of"Recover" to restore the selected images you want with oneclick. Please dont save the recovered data on the card again.Just find another place such as your computer or otherexternal disk, for safety reasons. 5. Download Android Photo Recovery Free Trial Version &gt;&gt; Download Android Photo Recovery for Mac Free TrialVersion &gt;&gt; Read More: How to Recover Lost Data from Hard Drive Best Way to Restore Files from SD CardAll rights reserved 6. DownloadAndroidPhotoRecoveryFreeTrialVersion&gt;&gt; DownloadAndroidPhotoRecoveryforMacFreeTrialVersion&gt;&gt; Read More: HowtoRecoverLostDatafromHardDrive BestWaytoRestoreFilesfromSDCardAll rights reserved</p>