Things You Can Do To Make Your Home More Green

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  • 1. Things You Can Do To Make Your Home More GreenGreen living has become popular in recent years, and for good cause, as energy is a huge cause ofpollution. In addition to helping the environment, you will also be able to save money on your energycosts. Continue reading this article to learn about how to save money and the environment by livinggreen.If you have older model appliances, you are wasting a lot of energy and money to run them. In thepast 10 years, appliances have come a long way in using less energy than they had before. If youhave any appliances that are more than seven years old, you should slowly swap them out for abrand new model. The original investment is higher for low energy appliances, but they will actuallysave you money in the long run. This is also true for your heating, cooling and water heatingsystems. If you have new models of everything in your home, you will see a significant reduction inyour energy bills.Your dryer is likely one of the largest users of energy in your home. If you have a yard, you could setup a clothesline. This will enable you to hang your clothes to dry instead of using your dryer. This isgreat during the summer because you are most likely to have warm, sunny days and it helps to keepyour home cool, as you will not be running your dryer. Doing this whenever the weather cooperateswill save you a lot of money over time and it also gives you an excuse to get outside and get somefresh air.Being truly green means changing your habits. If you live with others, you will have to get them onboard to have a truly green home. The best way to begin is by creating a list of rules. One great rulethat will save a lot of energy is to always turn lights off when you leave a room and to only use themwhen it is too dark to see otherwise. Another rule is to set a limited amount of time someone isallowed to spend in the shower. Cutting just a few minutes of shower time each day can savehundreds of gallons of water, and a great deal of energy used to heat the water. A final rule is to turnoff all electronics when they are not in use. Even if the electronic device has a sleep mode, it isslowly sucking up energy. If you can unplug the device, that is even better. If it has a light on when itis plugged in, you know that it is using energy.Now that you have read this article you have the tools you need to have a green home, even on alimited budget. If you do things right, you can use the money you save on some changes to help topay for the more expensive changes. Keep these tips in mind as you work towards having a green

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