These Awesome Windows 8 Apps Will Increase Your Productivity

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<p>Check Out These Awesome Windows 8 Metro Apps That Helps Productivity</p> <p>Check Out These Awesome Windows 8 Metro Apps That HelpsProductivity</p> <p>Vimeo</p> <p>Right now theres no official word of a YouTube app for Windows 8, but luckily, you have Vimeo.Vimeo is always known for its quality content and the app is very easy to use. Its similar to other news aggregator apps, where you can choose from a grid of videos to play. Of course, theres also a search function.</p> <p>iCookbookReal cookbooks are a thing of the past because they are very bulky and you have to open them. What if your hands are dirty while cooking? Then you risk covering it in food. Fortunately, a Windows 8 tablet is here to help you.iCookbook gives you comprehensive information about everything you need to cook the most scrumptious dishes ever to grace a tablet computer. Pictures are also included to give you a good idea about the finished result.You can just bring the tablet with you and thanks to the tablets big screen size, you dont have to swipe to change pages and get everything dirty.</p> <p>EvernoteEvernote is a popular productivity app that is famous among the big platforms such as iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Right now, theres also iOS for Windows Phone and the Windows 8 version is exciting to use.You can create notes and group them. You can also take pictures, audio recordings and videos and group them according to topicBest of all, it syncs with your other devices that have Evernote installed, making sure you are always reminded of what to do.</p> <p>ConclusionThese apps will definitely be useful once Windows 8 hits the stores. Expect that these apps will be further updated in the future.Check Out:A Sneek Peek into Windows 8Microsofts Surface Found a ChampionNote:This article first appeared at</p>