The five themes of geography

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<ul><li> 1. Introduction toHuman Geography Ms. Patten 2008</li></ul> <p> 2. What is Geography?Eratosthenes Ptolemy 3. Divisions of Geography 4. The Spatial Persepective 5. Five Themes Overview National GeographicSociety, 1986 6. Location Absolute refers to globaladdress or latitude andlongitude Litchfield: 45N 94W Relative refers to therelationship to other humanand physical features on thelandscape North of Iowa 7. Southwestern Minnesota Wind FarmsPlace Distinguishing human andphysical characteristics culture: language, religion, landforms: mountains,rivers 8. Minnesota Watershed BasinsRegionCombining places of similar characteristics, cultural or physicallanguage, religion, agriculture US Coal Fields, 1897Ten Regions of US Politics 9. Human Environment Interaction How does humanactivity impact theenvironment? 10. Movement Principle Routes of Trade and Migration Mobility of people,goods, and ideas;interactions DC Metrorail System Map US Trade Flows </p>