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Our story sets us apart.

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  • 1. Our story sets us apart healthcare CONNECTED The end of the disconnect between EMS and the healthcare system.
  • 2. THE ESO STORY the opportunity As a patient interacts with every healthcare organization involved in the path to recovery, theres a common result that emerges from every single one of these entities: data.
  • 3. THE ESO STORY the opportunity
  • 4. THE ESO STORY the opportunity
  • 5. THE ESO STORY the vision It means information is where it is needed to save lives. It means better collaboration between caregivers. It means best practices can be shared and replicated. Connect EMS and healthcare so information can be easily shared and patient care improved.
  • 6. THE ESO STORY the plan Begin here. Creating connected healthcare. When systems of care are aligned, information is connected, care becomes collaborative, and knowledge is shared. Information is interconnected Care is collaborative Knowledge is shared Much of EMS patient data is trapped in paper and very little is connected to the greater healthcare ecosystem. Digitizing, and thus unlocking, patient records will allow caregivers access to life-saving information when and where it is needed. The integration of pre-hospital, hospital, and post hospital patient data can inform clinical decision making, improving hand-offs and overall patient care throughout the entire care continuum. Once information is unlocked, data can be shared throughout the healthcare ecosystem and decoded so that caregivers can evaluate outcomes and identify areas for improvement as well as find and replicate best practices in their healthcare systems.
  • 7. THE ESO STORY the solution Information is the lifeline of healthcareits critical to saving lives and preventing medical errors. Yet vital medical, clinical and patient information is currently fragmented, making it difficult for EMS providers to share data across the healthcare system. EMSs first step is to digitize patient records. This creates the foundation from which information is easily and securely stored, analyzed, and shared. Unlock information. Digitize your patient care records Ensure patient privacy.
  • 8. THE ESO STORY the solution Exchanging health information between EMS and hospital clinicians, across health information exchanges, and within administrative groups facilitates better collaboration among all healthcare providers, creating a true continuum of care. Fuel comprehensive quality management. Connect to hospitals and healthcare systems Access valuable patient outcome data. Leverage hospital patient demographic data.
  • 9. THE ESO STORY the solution Sharing knowledge improves care. Today, EMS agencies rely solely on their own data for quality management initiatives. By sharing with hospitals, health information exchanges, and the broader healthcare community, EMS is able to follow patient results all the way through the continuum of care. These newfound sources of data enable EMS to create robust quality management programs based on actual patient outcome data. Run quality management based on patient outcomes. Create visibility into the continuum of care. Improve patient care, community health & cost of care Positively impact community health. Benchmark against other agencies.
  • 10. Whats next? Using data to create a healthier planet. Providing data that tells a story Making data a social experience Fueling research with more complete EMRs
  • 11. About ESO Solutions ESO Solutions, Inc., founded in 2004 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, employs industry leaders in EMS, software design and Information technology to create software solutions for the healthcare industry. ESO Solutions products help healthcare providers and administrators save time, improve documentation quality and operational efficiencies, and enhance the continuum of patient care. For more information about ESO Solutions, visit